SharePoint online calendar web part

This SharePoint calendar tutorial explains, What is a SharePoint Calendar?  How to add a SharePoint Calendar Web Part in SharePoint? How can we customize the calendar in SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2013/2016?

What is SharePoint Calendar?

SharePoint Calendar is a type of calendar that is used to store all the Events of an organization like some meeting events, holiday events, and Team events, etc.

A SharePoint Calendar is very useful for organizing any events in any business or in any organization where people can get information about events days.

Now we will see how we can create SharePoint calendar and then how we can add a calendar web part to SharePoint? How we can customize SharePoint Calendar?

Create SharePoint Calendar SharePoint Online

To create a SharePoint calendar, click on Add an app and then choose Calendar app in SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2013/2016.

Here I have created a Calendar Event List named as “TSInfoEvents” by using the Calendar Template like below screenshot.

how to customize sharepoint online calendar web part
how to customize sharepoint online calendar web part

Then I have added some new Events in that List. For adding the new events itothe List, Just go to the month and date where you want to put your events.

When you will go near to the Date, It will show “+Add” option which is used for adding the Events into the List. Just click on that “+Add” option.

After clicking on the “+Add” option, A new event item page will display to fill up the details about that event like below screenshot.

In that “New Item Page”, Give the title of the event in that “Title” field. Here I have given as “Independence Day”.

Then give the location of the event in the “Location” field where you are organizing the event. Similarly, Give the starting time as well as ending time of the event in the “Start Time” field and “End Time” field like below screenshot.

Then after, Give the “Description” of the event where as I have given “We are organizing an Independence day in our company”. Then choose the category from the “Category” drop down field what ever you want.

Here I have chosen as “Holiday” because it is a Holiday event. If you want to specify your own value then you can choose the “Specify your own value”. Similarly, If you want to make it all day event, Then check the check box as “Make this all day activity that doesn’t start or end at a specific”.

Then click on “Save” for saving the event into that “TSInfoEvents” List in SharePoint site.

how to add sharepoint online calendar web part
how to add sharepoint online calendar web part

In the same way, I have created an another Event named as “Company Meeting” in the “TSInfoEvents” List which is used for organizing a meeting in the company.

After adding all the events into that “TSInfoEvents” List, It will display like below screenshot.

sharepoint online calendar web part

Customize SharePoint Calendar

Then go to the “CALENDAR” which is present at the top of the “TSInfoEvents” List. There, Go to the “Current View” which is present in the Ribbon. Select the current view as “Calendar” from that “Current View” drop down like below screenshot.

sharepoint 2016 calendar web part
sharepoint 2016 calendar web part

SharePoint calendar web part

Now we will see how to add the Calendar Web Part in SharePoint online?

In first, For adding the Calendar Web Part, Go to your specific Web Part Page where you want to show the Calendar Web Part in the SharePoint Site.

Then add a new Web Part by using the “Add a Web Part” option. By clicking on “Add a Web Part” option, It will show you the different types of “Categories”. Select the “Apps” under categories drop down.

In that “Apps” Categories, find your calendar event list(TSInfoEvents) which you have created before. Then by using the “Add” option, we can add that “TSInfoEvents” list in that Web Part Page like below screenshot.

customize sharepoint calendar
customize sharepoint calendar

After adding the “TSInfoEvents” Calendar List, Just click on to “Stop Editing”. Then after you can see the Calendar Event List(whereas I have created “TSInfoEvents” List) where you have put the events of the organization.

Here in the below screenshot, You can see my two events “Independence Day” and “Company Meeting” what I have created before. If you want to see the details description about that events, Then you just click on that event and see the description.

sharepoint 2013 calendar web part
sharepoint 2013 calendar web part


Hence, in this SharePoint Online Tutorial, We discussed What is SharePoint Calendar, How to add a SharePoint Calendar Web Part in SharePoint and how to customize that calendar in SharePoint online, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013 and as well as SharePoint 2010 which are mentioned in the above steps.

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