How to Move Email to Folder using Power Automate?

Move Emails to a Folder After Time using Power Automate

As a business user, while working with emails, you may want to move emails to a folder based on various conditions. In this tutorial, I will show you how to move email to a folder using Power Automate. I will also show you the following: Let us check one by one by implementing practically: Move … Read more >>>

How to Use Data Table Control in Power Apps?

power apps datatable

Recently, I worked on a Power Apps application to manage product details stored in a SharePoint list. I used a Power Apps Data table control to display product information, such as product names, categories, prices, etc. This makes it convenient for users to view all the products in a structured table format. They can scroll … Read more >>>

How to Use PDF Viewer Control in Power Apps?

powerapps pdf

In Power Apps, we have a most useful control called PDF viewer (experimental) that allows the user to display documents in the Power Apps canvas app from any data source, such as SharePoint, SQL, Dataverse, Excel, etc. In this article, I will show you how to use PDF viewer control in Power Apps with various … Read more >>>

Gallery Control in Power Apps – How to Use

powerapps horizontal gallery

Recently, I worked on a Power Apps mobile application. In that app, I needed to show a list of meetings, and users could scroll through the list, view meetings, and select meetings they were interested in attending. Microsoft Power Apps provides a very useful control called Power Apps gallery control to achieve this. In this … Read more >>>

Column Chart in Power BI – How to Create & Use

Power BI column chart with 2 y axis

Would you like to learn how to create a Power BI column chart? In this Power BI tutorial, we will cover what a column chart Power BI is, Different types of Power BI column charts, and how to create a column chart in Power BI. Also, we will see: Column Chart in Power BI A Power … Read more >>>

How to Create and Use Power BI Combo Chart?

What is combo chart in Power BI

In this Power BI tutorial, we will learn what is a Power BI Combo chart, different types of combo charts in Power BI, and how to work with a Power BI combo chart multiple lines with examples. Apart from that, we will discuss some more topics below: What is a Combo Chart in Power BI … Read more >>>

Power Apps Gallery Conditional Formatting + Examples

conditional formatting powerapps gallery

Power Apps Gallery Conditional Formatting allows users to highlight or style the values based on specific criteria so users can easily understand the purpose of the values in the Power Apps gallery. In this article, I will explain how to apply conditional formatting in Power Apps gallery control with some below stuff: Power Apps Gallery … Read more >>>