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How to enable hibernate in windows server 2016?

enable hibernate in windows server 2016

This Windows tutorial, we will discuss, how to enable hibernate in windows server 2016. By default when you install windows server 2016, the hibernate option will not be there. But we can enable by running some commands. Recently I installed Windows server 2016 in one laptop and I found that there is no hibernate option. … Read more

How to Create a QnA Bot in Azure

create a qna bot in azure

This Azure tutorial, we will discuss how to create a QnA bot in azure. You can follow the step by step tutorial to create a QnA bot in Microsoft azure. Microsoft Bot Framework is an amazing framework that people are using it more and more to build Bots these days because it is so simple … Read more

10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Office 365

office 365 tips

Microsoft was in the news this week for bagging the $10 Billion Pentagon cloud contract. They snatched it right out of Amazon whose AWS is now the market leader in cloud hosting services and owns more than 40 percent of the market share. It looks like the company is clearly winning at least as far … Read more

Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint for your Business

Microsoft SharePoint for your Business

It’s been a while now; we have Microsoft SharePoint with us becoming one of the most powerful and top-class collaboration platform for enterprises of modern times. Due to its exceptional collaborative feature, the business organization is progressively choosing SharePoint as its core collaborative platform to enhance their organizational productivity, communication, and consistency. Microsoft SharePoint has … Read more