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How to create a GUID in C#.Net

create guid in c#

This C#.Net tutorial we will discuss how to create a GUID in C#.Net programmatically as well as using Visual Studio 2017/2019/2015. Sometimes you may need to pass a GUID to a function or maybe sometimes, you need to create a GUID and pass the GUID at runtime. Here I will show you both the ways […]

SharePoint Designer Workflow 2013 Error: Windows Workflow Foundation, part of .Net Framework 3.0, must be installed to use this feature

windows workflow foundation .net 3.0 download error

In this SharePoint Designer Workflow tutorial, We will discuss the solution of an error as: “Windows Workflow Foundation, part of .Net Framework 3.0, must be installed to use this feature“. As I have Windows 10 machine in my system that needs to edit workflows within SharePoint Designer (2013 SP1). Whenever I was trying to edit […]

7 Reasons Why SharePoint Implementation Fails

Why SharePoint Implementation Fails

Although it’s already 17 years since the release of SharePoint, many organizations still have difficulties when implementing SharePoint-based on-premises and cloud solutions. According to a recent AIIM report, 40% of organizations consider their SharePoint implementations to be unsuccessful. However, factors compromising SharePoint implementation usually have nothing to do with the platform itself. The reasons for […]

C#.Net Collection tutorial

collection in C#.Net

This C#.Net tutorial explains, what is a collection in C#.Net? What are various collection types in What are hash table in What is a collection in C#.Net? We know the array is used to store a set of the homogeneous data type objects. But the collection will store the related object that does […]

Working with Files in C#.Net

Working with File in C#.Net

In the C#.Net tutorials, we will see how to handle the file operation in C#.Net? We will also see What are the class and method provide for file operation like reading data from a file, how to write data to file and how to append data to file? We will discuss some of the […]

C#.Net Dictionary Table class

C#.Net Dictionary Table class

This C#.Net tutorial, we will discuss C#.Net Dictionary Table class. How To Declare A Dictionary Table Class in C#.Net? How to Add item to a Dictionary Class in C#.Net? How to retrieve the Dictionary element using the “foreach” loop in C#.Net? Retrieve Individual value using the key in We will discuss C#.Net dictionary table […]

Gridview in (step by step tutorial)

Gridview in

This tutorial explains, gridview in How to bind gridview using data reader in How to add Eval for a hyperlink in gridview in And, how to Apply color in gridview rows based dynamically. Then we will discuss how to export gridview data to excel sheet in And, how to export […]

Delegates in C#.Net

delegates in c sharp

This tutorial explains, what are delegates in C#.Net? How to call a method using a delegate? We will also discuss how to define a delegate? How to instantiate a delegate in How to call a delegate in C#.Net? Also, we will check the multicast delegate? And anonymous methods in Delegates in c […]