Power Automate Read Excel File From SharePoint

Power Automate get data from excel sheet

In this article, I will explain how to work with Power Automate read excel file from SharePoint, and how to import excel data into an existing SharePoint list using Power Automate with various examples. Also, we will see how to update SharePoint list from Excel using Power Automate, and Power Automate get excel file from … Read more >>>

Power Automate Parse Email Body [Excel & SharePoint List]

Power Automate Parse Email Body

Recently, I was working on a Power Automate task that required me to extract data from emails and save it in a SharePoint list. In this article, I will explain all about Power Automate read email body, Power Automate get email body text, and Power Automate parse email body with examples. Also, we will discuss … Read more >>>

Power Automate Date Functions [10+ Examples]

Power Automate date functions

We can use Power Automate Date functions in a Power Automate flow to manipulate the date and time in the datasource or in the SharePoint list. In this tutorial, I will list out and explain all the Power Automate date and time functions, including: Power Automate Date Expressions To access the date and time information, … Read more >>>

How to Create HTML Table in Power Automate + Formatting

Power Automate style html table

Recently, I was working on a project where I was required to create an HTML table in Power Automate. Also, I needed to work on Power Automate HTML table formatting [Like table header font will be bold and different color]. In this Power Automate article, I will tell you how to create HTML table in … Read more >>>

Power Automate Send Email With Attachment [From SharePoint List]

Power Automate add attachment to email from SharePoint list

Recently, I have been working on Power Automate, where I received a task to send email with attachment using Power Automate [from SharePoint list and Document library]. In this Power Automate tutorial, I will explain all about Power Automate send email with attachment from SharePoint list, Power Automate send an email with attachment when file … Read more >>>

Power Automate Approval Reminder – How to Send

Reminder approval Power Automate

Recently, I was working on a project where I needed to send a reminder approval using Power Automate. However, I thought to share about Power Automate approval reminder stuff through this post. In this tutorial, I will explain how to work with Power Automate approval, Power Automate approval reminder multiple approvers, and how to send … Read more >>>

6 Various Ways to Sort Array in Power Automate

How to sort an array using Power Automate

While working on a project, I received a requirement to sort an array in Power Automate. Though I was new to it, I searched, implemented, and found the solution. So, I thought I would share everything in this post. Power Automate has a collection function called the sort() function, which changes the arrangement of array … Read more >>>