SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Training Course

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is the new development model on SharePoint modern experience. This SharePoint Framework (SPFx) training course will help you to learn SPFx from start to end with real-time examples. You will also learn the use of modern web technologies and tools for your SPFx development.

By end of the SPFx training course, you will become an expert in the SharePoint Framework development model and can work effectively?

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Once enroll access it for lifetime, learn SPFx on your own speed and time.

30+ Hours of HD Videos + Updates

The SPFx training course consists of 10 modules and 30+ hours of HD videos. You will get frequent updates

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You will get PDF course materials and zip source code files.

One to One Discussion

If required, we can have free one to one discussion when ever you feel required.

SPFx Training Course​ Reviews

Bijay has covered lots of things in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) development training course. I will highly recommend this course to everyone wants to learn SPFx development.
sharepoint framework spfx training course
SharePoint Architect
I was struggling while giving interviews in SharePoint specially SPFx part, Bijay's SPFx training course helped me a lot, I started giving answers like experience and real-time professionals...
spfx training course
SharePoint Professional
Excellent training provided by Bijay on SPFx, When I started going through it, it was looking so difficult, Bijay's spfx training course make my life easier. Very much worth of money.
sharepoint developer training course
Keerthi Raj
SharePoint Developer

SPFx Training Course Content

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) developer training course contains the below 10 modules.

Module 1: Introduction to SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

This module explains, an introduction to SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Developer Training Course, overview of SharePoint Development Options for developers, introduction to SharePoint Framework (SPFx), and how SharePoint Framework is better than older development models etc.

Module 2: Setting up a SharePoint Framework Development Environment

In this module you will learn SharePoint Framework development toolchain, SharePoint Framework Development Environment Set up, Downloading and Installing Node.js, Node Package Manager (npm), Gulp, Yeoman, Visual Studio Code and SharePoint Framework etc, and Visual Studio Code Crash Course

Module 3: TypeScript Essentials

To learn SPFx, TypeScript is necessary. This module explains TypeScript essentials like What is TypeScript & Benefits, TypeScript for SharePoint Development, Installing TypeScript, how to create TypeScript application, TypeScript language features, Annotations, Variable, Arrays, Enums, TypeScipt Functions, if-else, switch, for loop, while loop, do-while loop, Interface, classes, Namespace, Modules in TypeScript, Generics, and Promises and async/await in TypeScript, etc.

Module 4: ReactJS Essentials

In this module you will learn ReactJS, this is also the framework which you will use in SPFx development. Learn React JS Crash Course. React vs Angular, React Component, etc.

Module 5: SharePoint Framework Client Web Parts

This module you will learn about SharePoint Framework client side web parts, Create client side web part and understanding of the project structure, files and folders, Package and Deploy SPFx Client Side Web Part, 3 Different ways to create SPFx Solution, SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Client Side Web Part Properties, Create Employee Of Month Web Part by using various web part properties, Employee Of the Month Web Part using React JS Framework with web part properties, Creating Component in SPFx React Web Part with Properties, More SPFX PropertyPane Examples with React, Working with PnP Property Pane Controls, and how to work with Mock Data in SPFx Client-Side Web Part, Understand Manifest file in SPFx Web Part, Build Microsoft Teams Tab using SPFx Web Part, Working with chartjs in SPFx React Web Part and many more.

Module 6: Loading SharePoint Data in a client web part

Working with the context in SPFx Web Parts, how to work with Rest API in SPFx client-side web parts with various examples like CRUD operations, Employee feedback web part, get all lists & libraries, subsite and list creation process. Display List Items in SPFx web part using React, Also, you will learn how to work with Anonymous APIs in SPFx with React, how to work with External Libraries, jQuery (accordion), Bootstrap with PnP in SPFx Client-Side Web Part, Working with Graph API in SPFx Web Part – No JavaScript Framework and React Framework, SPFx with Graph API SharePoint (React and No JavaScript).

Module 7: SharePoint Framework (SPFx) with PnP

PnP is very popular and used widely for SharePoint development, this module helps you to learn how to work with PnP in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) development. Learn PnP JS library, CRUD Operations using PnP JS in SPFx, Working with SPFx PnP Controls (People Picker), PnP React DatePicker with PnP ListView Control Example, PnP SPFx React Carousel Control and React Slick Slider, PnP SPFx react ChartControl (Pie Chart, Bar Chart, and Radar Chart), PnP SPFx react GridLayout control and SecurityTrimmedControl, PnP SPFx React TaxonomyPicker Control (Single Value and Multi Value), PnP SPFx React Property Controls, SPFx PnP Accessible Accordion React Example, SPFx Files and Folders Operations using PnP, SPFx PnP Code Editor Example, SPFx PnP Column Picker and List View Example, SPFx PnP FieldCollectionData control, SPFx PnP ListItemAttachments control Example, SPFx PnP React FilePicker Example. SPFx PnP React FilePicker Example, SPFx PnP React Carousel Example, SPFx PnP React ListView control with Contextual Menu and Group by Fields, SPFx PnP Pagination List Items Example, SPFx PnP Site Creation Operations, and many more examples.

Module 8: Deploying SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Artifacts

In this module, you will learn the SPFx deployment process, which is easy compared to other development models. I have explained here, how to package and deploy SPFx Web Part – SharePoint Online App Catalog Site, SharePoint Online CDN, and also to Microsoft Azure Storage CDN.

Module 9: SharePoint Framework Extensions

This module explains about SharePoint Framework Extensions. Learn about various SPFx extensions with examples like Field Customizer Extension, Apply SPFx field customizer extension to existing SharePoint list columns, Application Customizer Extension and Command Sets Extensions. Also, see more examples of SPFx extensions with PnP (Bulk update using Listview command sets SPFx extensions and PnP) and many more examples, Working with Place Holders in SPFx Application Customizers, Inject CSS through SPFx Application Customizer, PnP SPFx SiteBreadcrumb control react, Create Custom Header and Footer menu From Term Store using Application Customizer.

Module 10: Brand your client web parts with Office-UI-Fabric (Fluent UI)

This is the last module and this will explain, SPFx Office UI Fabric Introduction, how to use styling in SPFx web parts with the Office UI Fabric inside your SharePoint Framework solutions/projects. Learn about Office UI Fabric styles and Office UI Fabric components, Microsoft Fluent UI, Fabric Core, Start Fluent UI with React. Examples: Create FAQ Web Part using React Fluent UI – GroupedList, CRUD Operations + React Tabulator + office ui fabric react controls, Create Employee Directory Web Part SPFx with React and Graph API, Office UI Fabric ShimmeredDetailsList, Fluent UI ChoiceGroup (Radio Button) and Checkbox Example,  SPFx fluent UI react dropdown example, Microsoft Fluent UI ChoiceGroup with Filter Example, SPFx Fluent UI Command Bar Example, SPFx Fluent UI Textbox, Multiline Textbox, MaskedTextField and Calendar Example, SPFx Fluent UI Contextual Menu Example, SPFx Fluent UI Hover Card with Detail List Example, SPFx Fluent UI DetailsList Example (Sort & Search), SPFx Fluent UI Dialog Box Example, SPFx Fluent UI DocumentCard, SPFx Fluent UI Modal Example, SPFx Fluent UI Search Box Example, SPFx Fluent UI Pivot Example, SPFx Fluent UI Shimmer, SPFx Fluent UI DetailsList Shimmer Example, and many more examples.


Learn SharePoint Framework (SPFx) development

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the course duration?

The spfx training course duration is 25+ hours and will keep on adding more videos and updates frequently. But there is no time limit for you, the course can be an accessible lifetime. So you can learn at your own speed and convenient time.

What are the prerequisites to learn SPFx?

A very good question, there are lots of open-source tools and technologies, we will use, but knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap, and CSS is really necessary.

I am a classic SharePoint developer (farm solution), Can I take the training?

Look, modern SharePoint experience is the future and SPFx is the new development model for SharePoint Online Office 365. My suggestion here, is you should start using Office 365 and SharePoint Online simultaneously while going through the SPFx development training.

I am beginner in SharePoint, Is it recommended to go for SPFx developer training course?

Yes, I will highly recommended if you have just started working in SharePoint, or even you are just preparing for SharePoint interviews and jobs. Because SharePoint Framework development is the future and you should know and you can learn even if you are a fresher or just trying to get job.

Do I get a course completion certificate?

Yes, just send me an email at [email protected], I will send you the certificate.

Do I get an invoice so that I can get it reimbursed from my employer?

Yes. When you make the payment, you immediately get the invoice via email.