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SCCM Configure the PXE Settings for OSD Deployment 2012
Posted By N Ramu Rao
18-Nov-2017 4:09 AM
Category : SCCM
Views 51
What is PXE Deployment?To deploy operating systems to Configuration Manager clients that make PXE boot requests, you must use one or more distribution points that are configured to respond to the PXE boot requests. The distribution point then responds to the PXE boot request and determine...

We re having a problem opening this location in file explorer. Add this web site to your Trusted Sites list and try again SharePoint 2016
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
16-Nov-2017 11:19 AM
Views 264
Recently while working with SharePoint 2013 document library anf when we clicked on Open with Explorer View, it gave the error: We're having a problem opening this location in file explorer. Add this web site to your Trusted Sites list and try again.Issue:When I am trying to open the Shar...

SCCM tutorial Verify the Secondary Site is successfully installed on new Secondary Server
Posted By N Ramu Rao
16-Nov-2017 4:25 AM
Category : SCCM
Views 55
Here we will discuss, how we can verify if the Secondary Site is successfully installed on new Secondary Server in SCCM. Read the previous article where I have explained step by step Secondary Site Installation from system center configuration manager Primary Console.Verify the installati...

SCCM Tutorial Secondary Site Installation from system center configuration manager Primary Console
Posted By N Ramu Rao
16-Nov-2017 4:05 AM
Category : SCCM
Views 93
Introduction:This section describes the purpose and audience of this guide. Any terminology or acronyms used in this document will be referenced in the Glossary of the Appendix section.Purpose:This document describes the standard procedure for Secondary Site Installation from SCCM Primary...

Managed Paths in SharePoint 2016
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
15-Nov-2017 1:46 PM
Views 366
In this article we are learning what Managed path is in SharePoint and how to create managed path from both Central admin and PowerShell. This is applicable to both SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016.What is Managed Path?In SharePoint we can specify the custom path in URL namespace of a ...

Not able to update People group value using REST API and jQuery in SharePoint 2016
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
15-Nov-2017 10:46 AM
Views 445
This article is to fix the issue in updating / setting the value for People Group field in a list using REST and jQuery in SharePoint 2016/2013 or SharePoint Online.Issue:When I was using the below code to set the loan applicant name (People picker) I was getting the error as "incorrect f...

Various SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2013 PowerShell Commands Examples
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
11-Nov-2017 6:54 AM
Category : PowerShell
Views 450
In this article we will learn how to create below SharePoint artifacts using PowerShell. We will see how we can create web application, site collection, sub site, list and list item using powerShell in SharePoint 2013.- WebApplication- SiteCollection- Sub Site- List- List itemCreate WebAp...

SharePoint 2016 crud operations using Rest API and jQuery on SharePoint list or document library
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
09-Nov-2017 5:13 AM
Views 1207
This article we will deep dive on SharePoint 2016 List / Library CRUD operation with client side technologies like Rest API and jQuery. After completing this SharePoint 2016 tutorials you will get to know how we can do crud operations like create, read, update and delete operations in a l...

sharepoint designer tutorial
Posted By Bijay Kumar
07-Nov-2017 12:57 PM
Views 192
Here in this SharePoint designer tutorial, we will discuss about what is SharePoint designer? What we can do using SharePoint designer? How can we use it in various versions of SharePoint like SharePoint 2016/2013 or SharePoint online etc.What is SharePoint Designer?Microsoft SharePoint d...

SharePoint 2016 User Profile Service Application (UPSA) configuration step by step tutorial
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
06-Nov-2017 10:15 AM
Views 714
This article we will learn step by step by approach to configure "User Profile Service Application (UPSA)" in SharePoint 2016. The steps are similar like User Profile service application configuration in SharePoint 2013.Here we will also discuss about My Site configuration in SharePoint 2...

Only secure content is displayed error in SharePoint online page viewer web part
Posted By Bhawana Rathore
01-Nov-2017 7:44 PM
Views 524
Here we will discuss about the below error which comes in SharePoint Online while using Page viewer web part. Recently I was using page viewer web part in SharePoint online site. I was displaying a URL inside the page viewer web part. But in IE it was showing error as:Only secure content ...

Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration-Your FAQs Answered 1. What are the factors I need to consider before I embark on the Office 365 migration journey?There are quite a few factors that influence the approach to Office 365 migration, here are thetop 5:1. Scope of the Migration: What do you want to migrate? Is it only mails or do you need to re...

SharePoint learning resources for beginners or SharePoint 2013 training resources
Posted By Bijay Kumar
30-Oct-2017 6:25 PM
Views 219
As a beginner if you want to learn SharePoint then first question comes to mind is from where I will start learning SharePoint. Lots of professionals also asks me in LinkedIn where I should start? Do you have any article on from where I should start as a beginner. Not only for beginners t...

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