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SQL BAK Recovery Tool To Repair Corrupt SQL Backup File
Posted By Bijay Kumar
28-Nov-2016 6:43 PM
Views 71
SQL Server is a relational database management system is designed with the aim to store and retrieve data. The user can create backup of SQL database, which is known as BAK file. This file enables the user to recover the complete SQL database in case of any damage to the database. However...

SQL Server Physical File Fragmentation Complete Guide
Posted By Bijay Kumar
28-Nov-2016 6:30 PM
Category : Others
Views 88
Problem:Most of the time while working on SQL Server, users face server’s performance issue, which is due to the bad structure of database or SQL Server Physical File Fragmentation.Solution:Physical File Fragmentation in SQL Server has been a problem since the first file was written into ...

Killing a SPID in SQL Server and Checking Rollback Progress
Posted By Bijay Kumar
28-Nov-2016 6:22 PM
Category : Others
Views 57
Introduction:The SPID is the identification number that is uniquely assigned to each process whenever a new session is started with the SQL Server. However, when an application is connected to SQL server, a new SPID (or connection) is created. The main purpose of this is to define the mem...

Copy blobs from one storage container to another storage Container in Microsoft Azure
Posted By Sambita Rath
10-Nov-2016 7:17 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 378
In my previous post we discussed how to create storage container and upload video files to it.We had further requirement to move the files from one container to another container.As I have mentioned in my earlier blogs we can achieve by console application and powershell script.I will be ...

Create Azure Storage using PowerShell and upload video file
Posted By Sambita Rath
10-Nov-2016 7:09 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 400
What is use of Container?I will explain in simple one line statement. Containers are basically used to pack many applications into single physical server.Azure Container Service provides simplified configuration to create, configure and manage cluster virtual machines. It provides contain...

Set master page for a particular page in SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint Online
Posted By Bijay Kumar
16-Nov-2016 7:07 PM
Views 873
In this post we will discuss how we can set master page for a particular page in SharePoint Online. This will work also for SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016. Recently we were working in a public facing site where we have created our own custom master page and we applied it through out t...

Clearing cache to view SharePoint missing components in SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010
Posted By Bhawana
15-Nov-2016 5:05 PM
Views 694
In SharePoint, we all in our life experience this issue once where many times we are unable to view some of the SharePoint components like missing Profile name, different login name, missing links in web part or any other pages’ contents which usually we can have access. So, this is not r...

New Modern Look of SharePoint Online Lists in Office 365
Posted By Bijay Kumar
13-Nov-2016 12:29 PM
Views 302
In this post we will discuss about new look of list in Office 365 SharePoint online. Previously we have discussed about SharePoint online document libraries new looks and features. Modern SharePoint online lists are responsive and very easy to use in any devices.The new list has few signi...

Distribute user requests Azure Web site instances in Microsoft Azure
Posted By Sambita Rath
11-Nov-2016 6:12 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 230
We usually scale out of the application by adding website instances for Azure websites.Understanding of Service plan below. Kindly refer MSDN link for more details and decide which will work for your project need.Free service plan will have only one instance created for your website and y...

Storage Analytics Data Retention Policy in Microsoft Azure
Posted By Sambita Rath
11-Nov-2016 5:44 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 395
As per MSDN: Azure Storage Analytics performs logging and provides metrics data for a storage account. You can use this data to trace requests, analyze usage trends, and diagnose issues with your storage account.Storage Analytics doesn’t delete any logging data and keeps writing till reac...

Azure Blob Storage video streaming and performance: do you have similar requirement?
Posted By Sambita Rath
10-Nov-2016 6:51 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 207
We had come across with requirement for one of the project where the application was completely moved to Azure. The application had many video file reference which was earlier maintained in on premise Server and there was lots of performance issue client was facing.The application was use...

Unable to send Email Alias in a SharePoint Online Workflow Send Email Action
Posted By Sambita Rath
12-Sep-2016 7:05 AM
Category : Workflow
Views 724
Are you trying to send email alias security group using Send Email Action SP Online with help of designer workflow?Well this is design behavior of SP Online and it doesn’t validate the AD Azure security group due to security enhancement and shows below error message while configuring in S...

Download Blobs from Azure Container using PowerShell
Posted By Sambita Rath
11-Nov-2016 5:33 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 236
We already discussed in my previous post to create container and upload blobs (video files).There will also requirement to download blob files to local folder.We can write console application or powershell script to get it done.I am sharing the powershell script to download blobs from spe...

Design Windows Azure Application with Azure Table partitioning approach
Posted By Sambita Rath
11-Nov-2016 5:17 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 264
Azure table is No-SQL database .It’s cheap, perform well and easy integration if you are looking store large amount of structured data.For one of the requirement we were using Azure Table for azure application.The application had many departments and each department will have different da...

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