SharePoint Online mega menu and Site Customizations

In this SharePoint tutorial, we will discuss how to create a SharePoint Online mega menu. Also, how to change look and feel, theme, header, footer, etc in a modern SharePoint site.

SharePoint Online mega menu

Microsoft continuously enhances the new features to fulfill the user’s needs. So now we can brand and customize our site without spending more time and less coding.

Microsoft Introduced an excellent feature called Mega Menu Navigation in SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019 to improve the out of box feature.

However, it’s only available in the SharePoint Online communication site.

Here I have created a SharePoint Online site where I used all out of box features to make this site user-friendly.

SharePoint Online mega menu
how to create SharePoint Online mega menu

How to Create Add Mega Menu Navigation

On the above page, I have added menu Items with Submenu to redirect another page easily in SharePoint Online. So we can add it in a very simple way.

Create Add Mega Menu Navigation

You can click on Edit link to add the new menu and sub-menu along with it will allow you to move up and down the menu very easily.

Change Theme Color in SharePoint Online Site

You can change the Theme color based on your requirement in the SharePoint Online site. To change the theme -> click on change the design on the right side of the link.

Change Theme Color in SharePoint Online Site

Next, will appear a popup where you can change the theme.

Change Theme Color in SharePoint Online Site

Now you change your SharePoint site theme based on your requirement.

SharePoint site theme

Change Header in SharePoint Online Site

We can easily change header in SharePoint Online site.

Once you click on Header, it will show you two layouts.

  1. Standard
  2. Compact

In My design, I used the Compact layout and I changed background as per the below screenshot.

Change Header in SharePoint Online Site

SharePoint Online Site Navigation

In navigation, there are two types of navigation we can set which is Mega Menu and Cascading.

SharePoint Online Site Navigation

Once you do these changes, your menu style will get changed as per the below image.

SharePoint Online Site Navigation Customization

SharePoint Site Footer

We can add footer and enable or disable the footer based on the requirement in a SharePoint Online site.

In below screenshot, I have added a footer with footer logo.

SharePoint Site Footer

After adding the footer, it should come like as below screenshot.

add footer in SharePoint online site

Now your mega menu is ready. So you can add Web Parts on the page to customize more and user friendly.

In my application, I have used a one-third right column layout to looks good.

SharePoint Online site page layout

After adding this layout, I have added the Image viewer Web part to show the images. On right side I have added the Weather Web part and button to show the current weather in the country.

SharePoint Online Weather Web part

In the next row, I have added links and recently added document Web parts on the page.

SharePoint Online documents web part

Next, I have added Youtube and News Web part to see the updated news and Videos on our page.

SharePoint Online news web part

To make this page responsive, we have to take care of the position of link and avoid empty space. For good practice don’t keep 30 links or big empty space between the page.

This is all about the SharePoint communication site with Megamenu navigation plus customization of a page using out-of-box features.

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