How to Save Microsoft Forms Responses to Excel Online using Power Automate?

Recently, I got a requirement to save Microsoft Forms responses to an Excel Online automatically. In this tutorial, I will explain how to save Microsoft Forms responses to Excel Online using Power Automate.

Save Microsoft Forms Responses to Excel Online using Power Automate

Here, you can see in the screenshot below, I have a Microsoft Forms like this. It has fields like:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Date of Joining, etc.
Power Automate Microsoft Forms to Excel Online

Now, we will create a flow, so that whenever a user submits a response, it will be saved in an Excel file.

Next, you can create an Excel workbook and then format it as a table from OneDrive for Business.

Follow the below points to create an Excel workbook.

  1. Click on the app launcher icon (the squared dots) at the top-left.
  2. Select OneDrive
  3. Inside OneDrive, click on +Add new at top left side.
  4. From the list of options, select Excel Workbook.
How to Export Microsoft Forms Responses to Excel

5. Then, an Excel Workbook opens in the browser. Click Saved -> Select a preferable name in the File Name Field and the desired location.

Power Automate Add form responses to an Excel worksheet

6. After that, Map the column names that are taken in the Microsoft Form to the Excel columns, as shown in the screenshot below:

How to Export Microsoft Forms Responses to Excel in Power Automate

7. Then, select the created columns, click on the Insert tab, and tap on the Table icon.

Power Automate save Microsoft Forms Data into an Excel spreadsheet

8. In the Create Table dialogue box, check the box My table has headers and click OK.

Power Automate exporting Microsoft Forms responses automatically to Excel Online

9. Then, the Excel table is created as looks like in the below image:

Microsoft Power Automate How to get Forms responses to Excel table


You can also directly create a table in the Excel workbook and save it to SharePoint Documents or OneDrivelocation, so that we can use it in our flow.

This is how to create a table in Excel Workbook using OneDrive for business.

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Now, the time to create our flow.

I will show you now, how to export Microsoft Forms responses automatically in an Excel document using Power Automate.

Let’s create a Power Automate flow that will trigger automatically when a new response is added to the Microsoft Form.

1. Open the Power Automate home page in your browser, click + Create -> Select the Automated cloud flow -> Provide the flow name, and choose the trigger’s flow (When a new response is submitted) -> Click Create button.

Inside the trigger, add the Form Id.

  • Form Id: Select a specific Microsoft Forms Id, from the drop-down.
Power Automate Insert MS forms Responses to Excel table

2. Next, Choose the Get response details flow action to retrieve the responses submitted in the Form. Provide the required parameters:

  • Form Id: From the dropdown, select the Form Id.
  • Response Id: Choose the Response Id from dynamic content.
Power Automate How to store Microsoft Forms Responses to an Excel Document

3. After that, to add the response details into the Excel worksheet, take Add a row into a table action. Provide the required parameters:

  • Location – Select the SharePoint site where the Excel file exists.
  • Document library – choose the document library where you have stored the Excel spreadsheet.
  • File – Select the Excel file from the show picker.
  • Table – choose the table name you created in the Excel sheet.

We can see the column header once the table name has been selected. Then, from the dynamic content, pass the values for each field as highlighted below.

How to save Power Automate Microsoft Forms to Excel

4. Now, it’s time to save and run the flow. Click on Save. Then, select Test -> Select Manually and click the Runflow button.

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5. Then, submit a new response in the Microsoft Form to trigger the flow.

Power Automate How to save Microsoft Forms to Excel spreadsheet

Once the flow runs successfully, like the below:

Create Excel from Microsoft form using Power Automate flow

6. After that, open the Excel workbook that we have created. It will show the newly updated Microsoft Form response as shown in below figure:

  • The response details have been automatically added to the Excel sheet.
How to Sync Microsoft Forms Responses to Excel using Power Automate

This is how to directly save the Microsoft Form responses to the Excel sheet using Power Automate.


In this tutorial, we learned, how to Save Microsoft Forms Responses to Excel Online using Power Automate.

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