How to Check SharePoint version installed on the server?

Here we will discuss how to check which SharePoint version installed in the server. We can use PowerShell to retrieve SharePoint installed version. Also, we can see installed SharePoint version from SharePoint central administration.

We can use Windows PowerShell ISE to run PowerShell command or also we can use Visual Studio Code to write, debug and run PowerShell script.

We can get the installed SharePoint version using PowerShell as well as we can get through central administration.

Check Installed SharePoint version PowerShell

You can use the below command to know which version of SharePoint installed in the server.

get-spfarm | select BuildVersion




Major Minor Build Revision
——– ——– —— ———–
14 0 4762 1000

Check the below diagram:

check sharepoint version powershell
SharePoint version check PowerShell

Check Installed SharePoint Version from SharePoint Central Administration

We can also check which version of SharePoint installed in the server from SharePoint central administration.

Open SharePoint central administration -> Then from the System Settings click on Manage servers in this farm.

how to check sharepoint version 2013
check sharepoint version installed

Then in the Manage servers in this farm, you will able to see the version details as shown in the fig below.

sharepoint 2013 version check
how to check SharePoint version 2013

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I hope this SharePoint Administration tutorial helps to know which version of SharePoint installed in the SharePoint server using PowerShell as well as using SharePoint Central Administration.