Data Grids in SharePoint with Collabion A Product Review

While charts are a great way to show an overview of the data, if the need of the hour is to display tabular data in a data grid or table, with filtering and pivot capabilities, Collabion DataGrid for SharePoint, from the Collabion DataParts suite, is of extreme help – The chart wizard can be used to render the data in a tabular view, with all the data sources supported. Stop messing with complex Excel services or home-grown hacks, and elegantly display all your data on your page, in just a few clicks.

Large organizations using SharePoint has business users who’d love to see data in a tabular format. Viewing critical data in a grid or a tabular form is now more preferred than ever before.

Though SharePoint, by default, provides the list view allowing us to see the data in the intended tabular views, the formatting, and the look & feel are not user-friendly.

Collabion’s DataGrid for SharePoint raises the bar with its host of features, a few of them are below:

  • Pivoting capabilities
  • Aggregated totals
  • Conditional row formatting
  • Conditional column formatting
  • Export to Excel etc.


As with the other product of Collabion, the installation steps are straightforward. You just have to download the setup from Collabion official site and install on your SharePoint server. The wizard-style installation helps you get this done in a few minutes.

More Details:

Configuring Collabion DataGrid For SharePoint:

We can easily configure Collabion DataGrid for SharePoint from various data sources like:
– SharePoint List
– Microsoft SQL Server Database
– Oracle Database
– CSV file
– Business Data Connectivity
– Microsoft Excel
– Web Parts in the Current Page
– ODBC Data Source etc.

Data Grids in SharePoint 2016 with Collabion
Data Grids in SharePoint 2016 with Collabion

With just a few steps, you can configure very easily.

Rich Look and Feel:

I’m working on Collabion’s demo environment to see how easy it is to start using DataGrid and also deep-dive to in the rich set of features the product has to offer. The data in this demo environment is populated from a database and is displaying in a SharePoint page with a very vibrant professional look.

bind sharepoint list to gridview using javascript
bind sharepoint list to gridview using javascript

Good Paging Options:

The footer has terrific paging also shows the page numbers with the total number of pages. You can also set how many items you’d want to see in one page as you can arrange for 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or All records at one page; which is a general requirement in many organizations.

Data Grids in SharePoint 2013 with CollabionData Grids in SharePoint 2013 with Collabion

Column Configurations:

Each column has configuration options which let you sort, filter and also choose which columns you’d want to show in the grid. It is effortless as you can achieve this is in just a couple of clicks.

Data Grids in SharePoint with Collabion
Data Grids in SharePoint with Collabion

Filters / Columns / Sorting:

Collabion DataGrid for SharePoint also has a good set of filtering options as shown in the screenshot below:

Collabion DataGrid For SharePoint 2013
Collabion DataGrid For SharePoint 2013

Also, I can check uncheck for which columns you want to display. It is good to see that the changes occur in real-time without any lag.

Collabion DataGrid For SharePoint 2016
Collabion DataGrid For SharePoint 2016

Exporting Data to Excel:

Exporting the data to excel is an essential requirement for all consumers of data in leading organizations. Collabion hits the right node here as it allows you to export the data by just clicking on “Export to Excel” button.

Collabion DataGrid For SharePoint
Collabion DataGrid For SharePoint

Conditional Column Formatting:

Conditional Column Formatting is another important option that Collabion’s DataGrid has to offer. In the demo environment that we’re working on – you can see that there’s a column name as “Sales Amount” and if Sales Amount here is higher than $500, it will display in a highlighted color. This way of representing data is highly beneficial for quite a few organizations who’re trying to look at the most significant data points in their data to decision journey.

how to bind list data to gridview in sharepoint 2013
how to bind list data to gridview in sharepoint 2013

Conditional Column Formatting is an option available in the Edit Settings dialog box. Just click on “Edit this Data Grid” and you can expand “Format Columns” and click on the “Conditional Formatting” option. You can choose the column name, include your preferred condition and choose the formatting as shown below. All of this is possible without writing a single line of code!

sharepoint 2013 gridview web part
sharepoint 2013 gridview web part

On a similar note, Collabion allows you to format the rows with a couple of clicks. We can quickly do row formatting from the Format Rows -> Conditional Formatting section as shown below:

spgridview sharepoint 2013spgridview sharepoint 2013

Configuring the Settings:

From the Configure Sorting section, you can select columns and choose the order (Ascending/Descending). You can then add multiple columns as shown in the following screenshot.

Collabion’s preview section is an exciting feature to have. In all your product settings, you can just click on ‘Apply,’ and you’ll get to see the resulting data in the preview section.

sharepoint data grid viewsharepoint data grid view

User Interaction:

This section is essential for you to choose the permissions that your users shall have. These might include one or many of the following:
– Filtering the data
– Grouping data
– Sorting data
– Resizing column width
– Reordering columns
– Exporting to Excel etc.

sharepoint 2013 data grid viewsharepoint 2013 data grid view

Labels & Position Formatting:

In the Labels & Position section, you can quickly change the Display Name, the width in pixels, as well as the Positions of these columns.
At times when you have large sets of data to work with, it would be good to have an option to increase the width of the column. With the increase in pixels as an option with Collabion, this is very much possible.

sharepoint 2016 data grid viewsharepoint 2016 data grid view

Changing the Columns and its order (Drag & Drop):

With just drag and drop, we can change the order of the columns.

jquery datatables sharepoint 2013

jquery datatables sharepoint 2013

Pivoting Capabilities:

This, to me, is the best of all possibilities with Collabion’s DataGrid for SharePoint. Collabion provides pivoting capabilities where you can view data from different angles and gain valuable insights by summarizing it into pivot tables. You can group data and convert them into aggregated tables by “rotating” or pivoting around unique values of a particular column.

You can see details below which displays the data country-wise. This feature is a must-have for large sets of data.

sharepoint 2013 data grid view
sharepoint 2013 data grid view


Collabion’s DataGrid for SharePoint is undoubtedly the best data grid product available for all SharePoint users. It is a 100% codeless solution geared towards all business users on SharePoint who’d like to connect to multiple data sources, group their data for better understanding, format their data as and when necessary, and manipulate their grid data on the fly. I strongly suggest you give this product a try. Download their free trial today and do more with your data in SharePoint today!

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