KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition Product Review

Recently there was a requirement for us to show fields based on Roles in a SharePoint list form. For some users, it should show a few fields and for other users, it should show some other fields.

Sometimes based on some reason also, you may need to show different fields. The problem with default list forms is very simple, there is no out-of-box feature presented like that. So we cannot achieve through our out of box forms.

What are other options?

Well, there are other options as well, we can do this by using InfoPath or using Custom code. But we will miss some other SharePoint features if we will customize the list forms with InfoPath. And also we need professional developers to do this type of customization or development.

Though Microsoft decided that it will continue to support InfoPath 2013 in SharePoint 2016, in some point of time Microsoft will decide to roll out InfoPath so InfoPath might not be a good option.

KWizCom Forms?

We found a very useful and powerful SharePoint add-on known as KWizCom forms.

Why this is powerful because this will make your existing SharePoint list forms into rich, enhanced web forms as well as mobile forms. Since it is an add-on you do not need any external tool, you can do the customization through the browser only.

And also you do not need to deploy anything since you are doing the customization in the form itself.

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So in no time you will be able to build a custom form by enhancing your existing list forms by using KWizCom add-on.

KWizCom Forms Features

KWizCom Forms has multiple features, such as:

  • Field level permissions
  • Field level constraints
  • Default values
  • Field grouping
  • View level permissions (Yes, permissions for list views!)
  • Navigation
  • List Custom Actions

Advantages of using KWizCom Forms

You will get a very similar look and feel same as SharePoint default forms. You do not need to give any training to end users on how to use it.

  • With KWizCom there will be no developer headache to design, implement or deploy forms. If you will customize forms using InfoPath, then it is not at all easy to deploy to your production server. So it will save a lot of developer effort.
  • Another great feature in it will support for all the SharePoint columns. If you use InfoPath to customize a form then it will not support all the SharePoint columns. Even if you have used any third party column, those columns will also work very well with KWizCom forms.
  • Another great advantages is that you will have the same theme of your SharePoint site, since you are only using the same SharePoint list forms. There will be no form design required. So your end user will not feel any difference.
  • Another unique and very advanced feature of this add-on is that, your form will work in mobile devices. If you design your form with KWizCom Forms with Enterprise edition then your form will work for both mobile and web.

Versions of KWizCom Forms:

There are 3 versions of KWizCom forms like Pro edition, Pro+ editions and Enterprise edition.


If you are taking the Enterprise edition license then you will get few additional features, such as:

  • Cascaded, cross-site Lookup fields (“Region>Country>City)”
  • Multi-row forms
  • Multi-column, customizable form layouts
  • “File upload” fields Ability to limit uploaded files (amount, size, format)
  • Custom ribbon menus
  • Mobile forms and custom mobile pages:
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If you want to build a form for mobile as well then it is better to take an Enterprise edition of KWizCom forms.

Below is a screen shot which you can use to make the settings for the forms:

KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition Product Review
KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition Product Review

Installation Steps of KWizCom Forms

Login in as SharePoint administrator account to your SharePoint front-end server and then you can download the Web Installer from this URL and then install.

Once the installation is over, you can see as a feature in the Manage Farm Features page in Central Administration. The feature name will come as “KWizCom SharePoint List Forms Extension Farm Feature” like below:

KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition Product Review

KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition Product ReviewKWizCom Forms are deployed as a single package and can be activated in a site collection and we can use inside across lists. And the license for this server are per web front end server.

Once the installation is over then “List Extensions Settings” option will come in the list ribbon.

KWizCom mobile solution also allows users to create custom mobile pages without any development. When users access SharePoint sites from mobile, they usually don’t want to see the whole site, they only want to do specific actions.

Another important thing is all KWizCom Form features work on mobile devices. Here is one screen how it appears on a mobile device:

KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition Product Review
KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition Product Review

Another Very Good Feature is the File Upload Control

With the File Upload field type, you have full control over the files that can or should be attached to SharePoint list items.

By using this add-on, we can easily overcome the limitation of existing SharePoint File upload type like:

  • We can attach any file type
  • We can control the file size
  • We can restrict the number of file attachments
  • And also we can configure file attachments as mandatory.
  • It supports all the browsers.
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Below is provided a screen shot where for a single list form we can set validation for different types of field upload controls. Like in one file upload control, it will allow only .pdf file, other will allow only .xls, xlsx and other one will allow .pdf or .docx file.

KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition Product Review
KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition Product Review


This is a very good alternative to the InfoPath forms, you can create complex forms easily without any developer knowledge. And most importantly we will have the same theme of our SharePoint site. Check out more on KWizCom Forms.

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