How to view PDF files using PDF Viewer in PowerApps

This tutorial will show, how to view PDF files using PDF Viewer in PowerApps. In a canvas app, we will see how to use the PowerApps PDF viewer.

Before using the pdf viewer control, note the below points:

  • Power Apps supports https link for the PDF document, it will not work for http links. So make sure your pdf files stored in an https URL.
  • You need to provide the direct PDF link, redirects, and HTML views of the PDF files that will not work.
  • The pdf file hosted server should not require authentication etc.

View PDF files using PDF Viewer in PowerApps

There will be scenarios where you want to view PDF files in your apps, Microsoft provides PDF viewer control which you can use inside your Power Apps App.

First, we will create a canvas app in PowerApps and then we will add the PDF viewer control.

Step 1: Login to the Power Apps using

PowerApps pdf viewer

Step 2: Next click on the Canvas app from blank and create a new app.

Here provides the App name and choose the format like Tablet or Phone, I have selected here Tablet layout.

how to use PowerApps pdf viewer

Step 3: Next search PDF viewer and add it in your form.

PDF viewer control in Power Apps

Step 4: Next provide the PDF document URL in above as per the below screenshot.

How to use PDF viewer control in Power Apps

Step 5: Next click on F5 (Preview) or run the apps to see the Output of the PDF viewer.

PDF viewer control in Power Apps

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In this tutorial, we learned how to view PDF files using PowerApps PDF viewer.

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