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FIXED SharePoint 2013 Setup Error AppFabric is not correctly configured
Posted By Sagar Pardeshi
22-Nov-2017 3:37 PM
Views 77
Keywords: windows server appfabric download for sharepoint 2013, windows server appfabric is not correctly configured sharepoint 2016, the tool was unable to install windows server appfabric sharepoint 2013, configure appfabric for sharepoint 2013 manually, sharepoint 2013 error the tool ...

SharePoint 2013 shortcut URL and hidden list
Posted By Sagar Pardeshi
20-Nov-2017 5:42 AM
Views 587
Introduction:In this article I have explored lots of SharePoint 2013 shortcut URL and hidden lists useful for implementing different operation and achieving shortcut outputs on the basis of browser. Users and Permissions: People and Groups: _layouts/15/people.aspx ...

SharePoint learning resources for beginners or SharePoint 2013 training resources
Posted By Bijay Kumar
30-Oct-2017 6:25 PM
Views 238
As a beginner if you want to learn SharePoint then first question comes to mind is from where I will start learning SharePoint. Lots of professionals also asks me in LinkedIn where I should start? Do you have any article on from where I should start as a beginner. Not only for beginners t...

SharePoint 2013 farm server Architecture
Posted By Bhawana Rathore
01-Oct-2017 9:58 AM
Views 594
A SharePoint farm consists of one or more servers working together. As a whole they gave functionality to the user. The servers can be web servers, application servers or database servers.Web Servers:These are the servers which responds to user requests and deliver web pages to the users....

Remove U+200B (Zero-Width Space) In RichTextHTML Field SharePoint
Posted By Sagar Pardeshi
27-Sep-2017 11:54 PM
Views 487
Introduction:In this article we explore enhanced/rich text box of SharePoint 2013 validation implementing using jQuery that facing "Zero-width space" issue.I observed that the mandatory enhanced/rich text box of SharePoint 2013 doesn’t throw an error when we cut the content from it from t...

The Easy Way To Recover SharePoint Farm Password In SharePoint 2013 or 2010
Posted By Sagar Pardeshi
16-Sep-2017 7:37 PM
Views 791
Introduction:Here's something new (NOT). The guy who set up our SharePoint has left. So now, here I am trying to administer this thing and I find out that no one else knows the password. Efforts to contact the previous guy have been rather unsuccessful. So here's the question - How do I g...

The specified file or folder name is too long SharePoint folder name restriction
Posted By Bijay Kumar
13-Apr-2017 4:13 PM
Views 911
Here we will discuss about an issue which we will get if you will provide folder name more than 128 characters in SharePoint on premise or SharePoint online. The error will appear as:The specified file or folder name is too long. The URL path for all files and folders must be 260 characte...

Navigation terms in sharepoint server 2013
Posted By vinodh
04-Apr-2017 5:06 PM
Views 658
In this article I have explained navigational types and structure in sharepoint- Global and current navigation- Structured navigation- Managed NavigationGlobal and current navigation has been described as inverted 'L'Global navigation look likes below screenStructured Navigation:Structure...

Image rendition in sharepoint server 2013
Posted By vinodh
03-Apr-2017 6:04 AM
Views 1118
In this article I have explained how to configure and use Image rendition feature in publishing site collections.Image rendition:- Image rendition helps to display the image with different height and width of the same image on different pages in a publishing site.- When you create an imag...

Cross site publishing in SharePoint 2013
Posted By vinodh
16-Jan-2017 5:18 AM
Views 6945
In this article I have explain how to enable and using cross site publishing feature in sharepoint 2013.What is cross site publishing?Using this feature you can create a one or more authoring site collection for create and store content and create one or more publishing site collection to...

User Profile service application in SharePoint 2013
Posted By vinodh
14-Jan-2017 7:05 AM
Views 695
In this article I have explain about how to synchronize AD Services userprofile and groups into SharePoint 2013. Follow below steps:Open SharePoint 2013 central administration and Under system settings -> Click Manage services on the server. Navigate through User Profile Synchronizatio...

Managed metadata service in SharePoint 2013
Posted By vinodh
12-Jan-2017 6:28 PM
Views 5608
In this article I have explained managed metadata service in sharepoint 2013. Lets see how to configure managed metadata service application in sharepoint 2013. Open sharepoint central administration. Click on Manage service application which is under Application Management. On the page c...

Document set in sharepoint 2013
Posted By vinodh
10-Jan-2017 6:38 PM
Views 3382
In this article have explain how to enable and use document set in sharepoint 2013.What is document set?- Document set is a feature introduced in earlier version of sharepoint 2010- Document set is a content type it will attached to any document libraries- It will be helpful for grouping ...

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