PowerApps filter SharePoint list Example

If you are looking out to implement filter in SharePoint list items in an Apps in PowerApps, then check out the article. Here we will see a PowerApps filter SharePoint list example. Specially, we will see how to filter items based on ID column in PowerApps in the SharePoint Online list.

Like in the below pics, you can see the apps having a textbox and a search button.

PowerApps filter SharePoint list

PowerApps filter SharePoint list

In PowerApps, there is no direct approach to filter datatable. So we will see how to customize using PowerApps function or formula.

The Filter function in PowerApps allows you to query a table of data and which could come from your custom collection or data source.

Here I just connect my DataTable with my SharePoint list through a connector. Then I used Filter to get the item based on Item ID.

Step 1: Open the PowerApps -> Create a Canvas app from blank -> Create a app with Mobile or Tablet view.

powerapps filter sharepoint list

Step 2: Next Drag and drop the below controls like Label, Button and Datatable to make this view.

powerapps filter gallery by text input

Step 3: This is my SharePoint list which I have connected through connector to get the data.

powerapps filter a list

Step 4: Once you done with your connection setting, the Data Source name will appear over here.

powerapps filter sharepoint list column

Step 5: Next click on the button and go to OnSelect property on button and the below formula.


Here I have created a collection called Quoteclient and filter the data from data source BlogDetails based on ID. When I filter any ID, the item will save in the collection and we will bind this collection in DataTable to show the result.

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powerapps filter list items

Step 6: In this step, I will bind my collection with DataTable Items property. It will show the result based on Item ID.

powerapps filter all items

Step 7: Next save the PowerApps App and click on F5 to see the result. Or you can click on the Preview button.

You can enter any number and click on the Search button. The item will be displayed below.

powerapps filter items by id

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