Workflow Task and History List not found error in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010

sharepoint 2013 Workflow Task and History List not found
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When we creating a Workflow through Visual Studio 2010. Now when we entered the site URL we receive the following error: See in fig

“The SharePoint Site at URL is missing a target, task, or history list. Each of these lists is required to associate a workflow template. Please create a list and then launch this wizard.”

sharepoint 2013 Workflow Task and History List not found
sharepoint 2013 Workflow Task and History List not found

So here main solution is that when we create the workflow first we need to create the Workflow Tasks and Workflow History List. By default Team site Template inbuilt the both lists. But when we use the blank site template for creating the Site we need to create the both lists. For creating both lists we have following option:

1. Create both lists from SharePoint OOB features.

2. Create both lists programmatically.

3. Create both lists using PowerShell.

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