Workflow Internal Status Suspended error in SharePoint 2013

In this SharePoint 2013 workflow tutorial, we will discuss how to resolve Workflow suspended error in SharePoint 2013. I have a requirement is to send email to multiple groups while an item is created in list/library in SharePoint 2013. Here I was using a SharePoint designer workflow. But I face Workflow Suspended issue.

The problem was coming because within multiple groups it was adding comma (,) but it should add a semicolon (;).

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Then I modify like below:

1. Open SharePoint designer and create list workflow using the corresponding list.

2. In the workflow editor add action as “Replace Substring in string”.

workflow internal status suspended sharepoint 2013
workflow internal status suspended sharepoint 2013

3. Set up the workflow as below fig.

sharepoint workflow internal status suspended
SharePoint workflow internal status suspended

4. Then save and publish.

5. Now to the group settings in your SharePoint server -> Site permission -> click on group -> expand Settings -> group settings.

6. Then change the settings as below fig and click on.

workflow internal status suspended
workflow internal status suspended

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Hope this article will be helpful to solve Workflow Internal Status Suspended error in SharePoint 2013 in SharePoint designer 2013 workflow.

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