Workflow App Identifier in SharePoint Online App Permissions

This SharePoint tutorial, we will discuss, how to enable workflow permission in the site app permission in sharepoint online. sharepoint online workflows can use app permissions.

In SharePoint Online, I have deployed a SharePoint designer workflow and I want to publish the app to all the users. When I try to set the permissions for the workflow app, I am not able to see the “workflow” app is missing in the Site App Permissions page in SharePoint Online.

sharepoint online workflows can use app permissions

Workflow app permissions SharePoint Online

Log on to the SharePoint Online admin portal and validate all the apps and permissions.

workflow app permissions sharepoint 2013
  • As mentioned in screenshot copy the ID of the app to fetch it desired site collection.
  • Once you copy the app ID open the site collection where you want to add the workflow app.
  • As shown in the below screenshot enter the app-id and click on the lookup button.
workflow app permissions sharepoint

Paste the below app permissions XML in App’s Permission Request XML:

<AppPermissionRequests><AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/sitecollection/web" Right="ullControl" /></AppPermissionRequests>

Note: Ensure that there are no additional spaces and enter this to avoid any further issues.

Click on the Create button to add permissions to the workflow app to the desired site collection.

For more about app permissions and permission types: Add-in Permissions in SharePoint Online.

Click the “Create” button. You will then be asked for consent. Verify that you are asked for consent to give workflow full control of the site. If you do not see full control consent request it probably means that there was an error in the permissions request XML.

sharepoint online workflows can use app permissions

Once you click on “Trust” it will show the “workflow” app in the list like below:

workflows can use app permissions

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This way we can solve workflow missing in the site app permission in SharePoint Online.

  • How do i get the App secret Id of the existing workflows ? Is there any OOB way or powershell command ?

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