Why SharePoint Hosting?

SharePoint is a platform for sites and collaboration which is already known and appreciated by customers from all over the world and different areas of business. With this platform, they have got a flexible, reliable and compliant tool for with a great range of functionalities with a help of which business process became more effective.

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Usually, there are two ways to get SharePoint Services – subscribe it within tenant environment or dedicated. The dedicated environment gives the company farm administrator permissions, full access to the Central Administration, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), SQL databases and so on. Usually, the smallest dedicated solutions can serve 100-200 users and have 100 GB of space storage. Within dedicated SharePoint customers have no limitation on their services; they can do whatever they want there and upgrade the server at any time. This sounds great. But the costs for the dedicated environment are much higher than in “shared”.

And what about companies with limited IT capability and which requires data storage in much smaller amounts. Fortunately for such organizations, there are companies that host SharePoint. They offer SharePoint in a shared environment. It is the hosting company performs root control of the servers and uses the “Multi-tenancy” feature to allocate private SharePoint sites to hosting customers. Additionally, they maintain data security between customer sites in the shared environment. Hosting plans are based on a required space storage and richness of the functionality. Customers may choose the plan which meets their own business needs and save their costs.

However, if server root control, large data storage (minimum 100 GB), 100% white label branding, or using custom web part applications are required for the company shared environment will not work and it`s better to choose dedicated plans.

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It is up to the company to decide which services would it need and which functionalities. But in any case I would recommend choosing a reliable hosting company, which is critical to a successful SharePoint hosting experience, provides a high level of performance and security, and what is a more high level of support. The best way to test it – sign up for free a 30 days trial. You may check PlexHosted, as the example of such a company.

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