Which SharePoint is best and suited for web part development?

InfoPath alternatives for form designing SharePoint

As a developer, you will want to install your own application, make changes to the web.config file, and implement your own solutions. To achieve this, you would need full access to the front server as an administrator, together with full access to the Central Administration. Therefore the best-suited arrangement for you, in terms of practicality and price, would be a Flex or semi Dedicated SharePoint plan. Such plans usually come with a shared database server.

Given below are some of the many features of a typical Flex Dedicated Plan:


AD Integration, instant quantifiability for RAM and storage, third party net elements installation, unlimited sub-sites, email-enabled sites, and distinctive information processing

Server Access

Remote desktop, FTP access, SSL firewall, and SAS seventy knowledge center

Server Support and Management

24/7-support through email, chat and phone, server administration, server watching, weekly backup and migration help.

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