What Leads for Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration?

Many organizations out there looking for a better platform which is easy to handle and equally cost-effective. There is no surprise that users opt for Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration. Microsoft provides an email platform which is rich in high-quality features and is a money saver. You can find a well trained IT staff available for Microsoft technology and its utility. With upcoming Exchange versions integrated with a more powerful set of features, it has become more popular.

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Comparison between Lotus Notes and MS Exchange:
1. The unified messaging solution is provided in Exchange platform which is present as an inbuilt utility. However, in Lotus Notes it has to be downloaded as an external functionality.
2. A special voicemail option can also be integrated into OWA when you are using Exchange. This, however, is not present in versions of Lotus Notes and it lags behind due to the old look and regular interface.
3. The installation process and execution of Exchange is much easier as compared to the Lotus Notes platform and thus no extra training is required to work with the Exchange platform.
4. Cost effectiveness is another aspect in which Exchange excels. Lotus Notes not only comes with exorbitant prices, it also requires costly maintenance. However, the same features and functionalities can be achieved by Exchange at much fewer prices.
5. Better view for email conversation, better emailing and calendaring features, etc have made MS Exchange a much better option for organizations.

What You Get When You Switch from Notes to Exchange?
1. Easy and manageable deployment options allowing the administrator to manage things in a flexible way.
2. Archiving feature of Mailboxes is applied to newer versions of Exchange which means that you will not have to look for Outlook to archive the emails. Provides communication through various devices.
3. Users can team up their work with other team members and share information with others.
Due to all these reasons and much more, many users opt for the MS Exchange platform and those who are already using the Lotus Notes platform to perform Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange migration. But to perform complete migration it is necessary to convert the old NSF files to Live MS Exchange which is not provided by either platform. However, you can opt for third-party software like Mail Migration Wizard which can export all you NSF files data to Live Exchange Server.

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