What is SQL?

This is a very basic post for those who are very new to sql server. Also, you can check my Testing articles.

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1.SQL stands for “Structured Query Language”.

2. It is a query language used for accessing and modifying information in the database.

3.Also, it is an ANSI/ISO standard.

4.SQL is a non-procedural, English like language that processes data in groups of records rather than one record at a time.

Functions Of SQl:
SQL can execute queries against a database

SQL can retrieve data from a database

SQL can insert records in a database

SQL can update records in a database

1.can delete records from a database

2.can create new databases

3.can create new tables in a database

4.can create stored procedures in a database

5.can create views in a database

6.can set permissions on tables, procedures, and views.

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