What is Microsoft Azure

In this tutorial, We will discuss what is Microsoft Azure, What are the various Services provided by Microsoft in Microsoft Azure, What are the benefits we will get by using Azure.

What is Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has developed a cloud computing platform which is known as Microsoft Azure. Because it is a cloud computing platform, So Microsoft Azure is having an ever spread cloud services that help in your organization to do some business processes.

By using your favorite tools and frameworks, you can use these cloud services to build, test, deploy, and manage some applications in the global network.

what is microsoft azure
what is microsoft azure

Services in Azure

There are a lot of services present in the Microsoft Azure which is provided by Microsoft. You can see in the below, I have explained some of the services:

  1. Compute:

Compute is a cloud service that is used for data processing on the cloud. It is a strong processor that gives multiple numbers of items at a time. This compute provides the following services:

  • Virtual Machines
  • Functions
  • Virtual machine scale sets
  • Container Instances
  • SQL Server on Virtual Machine

2. Databases:

Usually, Database is the domain that is used to relational and non-relational database items that are managed by Azure. This Database provides the following services:

  • SQL Database
  • SQL Server on Virtual Machines
  • SQL Server Stretch Database
  • Azure Database for MySQL
  • SQL Server on Virtual Machines

3. Developer Tools:

In any Organization, this Developer Tools services helps to share code, track work, etc. Developer Tools provides the following services:

  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Lab Services
  • Azure DevOps
  • SDKs

4. Identity:

Identity service is used to manage user identities and access to protect against any type of damage to the devices, data, apps, etc. This Identity provides the following services:

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Active Directory B2C
  • Azure Active Directory Domain Services
  • Azure Information Protection

5. Management and Monitoring:

Management and Monitoring Tools are the services that are used to manage and monitor for Azure items. This Management tool provides the following services:

  • Azure portal
  • Advisor
  • Azure Cost Management
  • Monitor
  • Cloud Shell
  • Backup

6. Migration:

Migration is the type of service which is used to simplify and accelerate all the migration to the cloud with tools and resources. This Migration provides the following services:

  • Azure Migrate
  • Azure Database Migration
  • Azure Cost Management
  • Site Recovery
  • Data Box

7. Mobile:

Mobile Service helps to make some cross-platform for any mobile device. This Mobile provides the following services:

  • Azure mobile app
  • Notification Hubs
  • Visual Studio App Centre
  • Azure Maps
  • API Management
  • API Apps

8. Networking:

Networking Services are used to connect cloud services to provide to users successfully. This Networking service provides the following services:

  • Virtual Network
  • Application Gateway
  • Azure DNS
  • VPN Gateway
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Traffic Manager
  • Load Balancer

9. Security:

Security is the service which is used for only safety purpose in Azure. It helps to protect the enterprise from any damage in the cloud. This security provides the following services:

  • Security Center
  • Application Gateway
  • VPN Gateway
  • Azure Sentinel
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Key Vault

10. Storage:

Storage service is basically used to store the data, apps, and workload which is present in all the cloud services. This Storage provides the following services:

  • Azure Files
  • Archive storage
  • Disk storage
  • Data Box
  • Backup


Web service is the type of service which helps to build, deploy all the web applications quickly. This Web service provides the following services:

  • Web Apps
  • Azure Search
  • Azure Maps
  • API Management
  • Content Delivery Network

Why we use Azure?

By using Microsoft Azure, the Organization can get more benefits as like below statements:

Azure Security:

Normally, When you are going to start work with Microsoft Azure then the first question will come on your mind, Is this Azure secure or not?

So the answer to that question is Yes, You can safely use this Microsoft Azure in the Azure platform.

Microsoft has provided security with a high level of trust, transparency to all cloud services.

Is Azure help to outsource in an Organization?

By using Azure, you can get any help for your Organization. It provides some new solution partners or experienced managed partner those who can help to manage and deploy the solutions and also some custom solutions.

Where you can use this Microsoft Azure?

Always do not think that Azure will work only for Windows apps and services. Although, Microsoft Azure is an open-source technology, So you can use it in any technologies that you want. You can run in any application on your device with any operating system.

How Azure will work for your Organization?

As Microsoft has been implemented all the Azure solutions for an Organization, So you can use all the cloud products and services to do your specific requirements.

Who can try this Azure Services?

To help all users, Microsoft has offered a free account to everyone who can start learning on Azure.

You can create an Azure as a free account to learn and also you can try all the products and cloud services that have been provided by Microsoft. Also, you can learn how you can deploy the project solution within less time.

How many people are interested to do work in Azure?

There are almost 500 companies that are interested to do work in Azure. Basically, Ninety percent of people are using Microsoft cloud and services and also they are getting the best results.

Is Microsoft Azure save our money or not?

No doubt at all that it provides a free Azure account to learn how it works, how you can deploy the things etc. But also you need to pay the cost whatever you want to use.

It provides all the pricing details for all cloud services such as any extensive tools to help manage your cloud spend and so on.

Iz Azure compared to any other clouds?

As compared to any other cloud, Azure is the only hybrid cloud that has many fields. It also provides the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Azure Updates in Cost Management, blogs, and announcements:

Azure Cost Management is now available for EA customers:

Now the recent update of Azure is, Azure cost management is now available for all EA customers in the Azure portal. With the help of this Azure cost management, You can use dashboards, Create budgets, etc.

Azure Cost Management preview for Azure Government:

Azure updates another update of Azure cost management that is the preview for Azure Government customers. The main functionality of this cost management is, it is having i.e. cloudyn in the Azure portal.

Azure Resource Graph is available now:

Azure Resource Graph is recently updated by Azure Cost Management. It helps to find the relationship of all properties with the subscriptions. Also, you can access al the information as per your need in the portal within a second.

Azure Governance Services:

This Azure Governance service is recently updated by Azure. This update helps customers or users to deliver the project more quickly as much as possible and also controls for an internal meeting.

It is having some services as Azure Blueprints, Azure Policy for DevOps, Azure Cost Management, etc. All these services are including in the Azure platform at no cost.

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I hope this tutorial helps to learn what is Microsoft Azure? Various services provided by Microsoft Azure and the Benefits of using Microsoft Azure for Organization.