What can you get with Microsoft SharePoint 2010?

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is an effective platform for business and collaboration. This platform was already appreciated by many customers. Using these platform users get a big variety of abilities.

Well, let`s imagine you`ve already installed of configured your service. What can you do here? SharePoint 2010 provides a lot of features for building your site, setting up necessary rules, creating necessary content and downloading documents.


So you can create your own site for sharing information and storing a document. Or you can create a Team site for communication, sharing calendars and managing schedules. This entire staff makes teamwork easier and increases effectiveness. Intranet sites – those ones you may use for keeping companies information and news, accessing to business process information finding necessary data and peoples easily. Finally, public website – is convenient tool for small business marketing on Web. Using familiar tools you can update business information and choose your own domain name.


What about SharePoint communities you may use them for work in small or big groups of users, to combine users in the community, depending on their competencies and create wikis and blogs. Creating content with rich media data and categorized pages is also available. SharePoint communities enable you to upload images and format content using Ribbon UI.


If you have special business needs – it is not a problem. You can upload sandbox solutions or create own custom workflows using Microsoft SharePoint Designer.

Except this SharePoint Composite enables you to publish and edit Access databases with internet browsers and create Forms using InfoPath 2010.


As for site content – Microsoft Office integration allows you to access view and edit documents with internet browser. You can reach your business data at any time from any place only using internet. Storing document sets, exporting multiple files and tagging info are also available for you.


Insights – that is if you`ve purchased or subscribed SharePoint 2010 Enterprise. In this case you`ve got an ability to visualize your business projects, indicate status of data in your list, use Excel Services and Visio diagrams


Site Search provides searching necessary people and content for collaboration easily with phonetic or people and enterprise search and viewing results. But pay attention that SharePoint 2010 does not support FAST search.

Sites enable you to choose the language you need, create your SharePoint lists, manage permissions to your site and its content, share your calendar with other users, set up an alerts, notifications and invite external users to collaborate on you site.

Additionally SharePoint 2010 provides a number of features for developers and IT professionals.

This is only a brief description of SharePoint 2010 abilities and you may consider to yourself whether it is suitable for your own business needs or not.

How to GET SharePoint services?

If you have decided to use this platform and looking for the place to purchase and test it, you may subscribe the appropriate plan in one of the hosting companies. While choosing company pay attention, not all of them offer dedicated SharePoint 2010 hosting plans, or offer Standard or Enterprise hosting plans, either. It will be better to test reliability, security, flexibility and support by subscription 30 days free trial. You may try PlexHosted company for example, as it considered to comply with this requirements.

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