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What are the various behaviors managed by the Service Runtime layer in WCF ?

Here we will discuss What are the various behaviors managed by the Service Runtime layer in WCF ?
The following are the different behaviors managed by the Service Runtime layer in WCF.
1-Throttling Behavior: The Throttling behavior determines the number of processed messages.
2-Error Behavior: The Error behavior specifies what action will be taken if an error occurs during
service runtime.
3-Metadata Behavior: The Metadata behavior controls whether or not metadata is exposed to the
outside world.
4-Instance Behavior: The Instance behavior drives how many instances of the service will be
available to process messages.
5-Message Inspection: Message Inspection gives the service the ability to inspect all or parts of a
6-Transaction Behavior: The Transaction behavior enables transacted operations. That is, if a process fails during the service runtime it has the ability to rollback the transaction.
7-Dispatch Behavior: When a message is processed by the WCF infrastructure, the Dispatch
Behavior service determines how the message is to be handled and processed.
8-Concurrency Behavior: The Concurrency behavior determines how each service, or instance of
the service, handles threading. This behavior helps control how many threads can access a given
instance of a service.
9-Parameter Filtering: Parameter Filtering filters the message headers and executes preset actions based on the filter of the message headers.

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