What are the major reasons deployments goes Pending or Failure in System Center Configuration Manager?




Machines are offline Machines should be online and connected to Corporate Network.
Unhealthy SCCM Clients. Reinstall SCCM client manually.
DNS issue. Flush DNS entries.
Installation failed due to fatal error. Install manually.
Installation cancelled by user.


Re-run deployment.


Waiting for another installation.


Previous deployment downloading / executing or Previous deployment download / execution is hang.
Policy Download Issue.


Check log files and fix based on issues.


WMI Classes corrupted.


Repair WMI and reboot required.


Prerequisite installation failed.


Troubleshoot based on the exit error codes found in the log files.
Installation completed waiting for reboot. Inform end user to reboot the machine.
Unexpected Restart. Re-run deployment.
Not enough space in cache.


Before deploying any applications, ensure the application size should be less than SCCM Cache size.
Content Mismatch.


Needs to be redistributing the content to respective DP’s again.
Application Functionality. Functioning of application should be correct.
Awaiting the package content.


Package size is big. Machine is on VPN with slow connectivity low disk space on machines
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