What are the major reasons client health compliance goes down?

Reasons Description
Offline or Users on vacation. Machines are in offline or Users are in long vacations leave.
Client Binary corruption. Configuration Manager client agent corrupted.
Admin$ Issue. Account Permission access issues.
WMI Issue. Windows Management Instrumentation classes corrupted.
SCCM Client Service or Required services are not running. SCCM Client services or required services are not running or disabled.
Operating System Issue. Operating System registry or DDL file corrupted.
Domain Name Resolution (DNS Issue). DNS resolution issue.
Change of Network or Port level issue. Changes happened in network or SCCM required ports are not enabled on that Network.
Machines are Disabled in AD. Machines are currently disabled in active directory.

Best Practice to Increase Client Health

Action Points Description
Active Directory Objects Comparison. Compare Active Directory objects with SCCM database and cleanup disabled and not in AD objects from SCCM database.
Active Directory Active Objects. Count of Active machines in AD and compare with SCCM Database.
Network changes check. Verify Boundaries and Boundaries group in SCCM (Best Practice to use AD sites).
DNS server check Scavenge stale record in DNS, Enable registration of address.
Group policy remediation. Use out of box SCCM GPO’s for client installation and site assignment.
Client connectivity. Verify DHCP Scopes.
Configure Client Health remediation script to automate client issues (PFE remediation). Configure remediation scripts.
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