[Video Tutorial] How to use Windows PowerShell ISE

Watch this PowerShell video tutorial to learn how to use Windows PowerShell ISE. What are the advantages of using Windows PowerShell ISE?

To run and debug PowerShell script, you should use Windows PowerShell ISE or Visual Studio Code.

Various advantages of PowerShell ISE are:

  • Easily write, debug and save PowerShell script
  • It supports IntelliSense
  • Debug or Run only selected portion of a script
  • Easily, Copy and Paste the script
  • Open multiple scripts in various tabs etc.

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The video also explains, step by step tutorial on how to debug PowerShell Script in PowerShell ISE?

I also wrote a blog on how to work with Windows PowerShell ISE which you can read Windows PowerShell ISE Tutorial

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Hope this video tutorial explains how to use Windows PowerShell ISE for SharePoint scripts.

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