Various project templates in visual studio 2012

In this post we will discuss about various project templates in Visual Studio 2012. You can also check my previous posts on

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Below are the templates:

ASP.NET Web Forms Site:
This creates a full-featured ASP.NET website, this contains master page, two ready-made web pages, named default.aspx and about.aspx etc. It also includes an Accounts folder with pages for registration, login, and password changing.

ASP.NET Web Site (Razor):
This creates a website that uses the ASP.NET Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach, rather than the web forms model.

ASP.NET Empty Web Site:
This creates a nearly empty website.

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Entities Web Site:
This creates an ASP.NET website that uses the ASP.NET Dynamic Data feature.

WCF Service:
This creates a WCF service.

ASP.NET Reports Web Site:
This creates an ASP.NET website that uses the ReportView control and SQL Server Reporting Services.

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