Useful SharePoint shortcut URLs

This SharePoint tutorial, we will discuss various useful SharePoint shortcut URLs that are available for SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2013/2016.

These URLs will be useful when you want to directly access the SharePoint URLs.

SharePoint shortcut URLs

Below are the SharePoint shortcut URLs.

Sandboxed Solution Gallery:
Example: http://win-pfcp2dgt8di/sites/EnjoySharePoint/_catalogs/solutions/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Workflow history hidden list:
/lists/Workflow History

Filter toolbar for Lists and libraries:

Site usage page:
Example: http://win-pfcp2dgt8di/sites/EnjoySharePoint/_layouts/15/usage.aspx

Site content and structure page:

Site settings page:

View all site content page (Site content):

Manage site collection features – CASE SENSITIVE

Manage site features:

Get the version of the SharePoint server (Patch level):
Example: http://win-pfcp2dgt8di/_vti_pvt/service.cnf

Web Part Maintenance Page:

Show Page in Dialog View:

Application page for registering SharePoint apps:

Save Site as a template:

Sign in as a different user:

Enable SharePoint designer:

Welcome Page (Default page settings):

Change Site Master Page:

Page Layouts and Site Templates:

Master Pages library:

User Information List:

Quick Deploy List:

Open Page in Edit Mode:

Taxonomy Hidden List (MMS):

User Information List:

Force displaying the user profile in the site collection:

Quick Launch:

Recycle Bin:

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This tutorial we checked a few useful SharePoint shortcut URLs.

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