Unable to Upload Large Files to SharePoint 2013

I am sure most of us might have experienced this issue “can’t upload large files to SharePoint”. By default, the maximum size for uploading files is set to 250 MB. The maximum file size that it can go up to is 2,047 megabytes. If the file size is greater than 2 GB you will see one of the below errors:

  • An unexpected error has occurred
  • The page cannot be displayed
  • An unknown error occurred
  • HTTP 404 – Page Not Found
  • Request timed Out

In fact sometimes the user might see one these error even if the file size is only 500 MB. This can occur due to various reasons now I would like to discuss a few cases with the solutions for each.

Note: File size parameter/property is at the web application level, as per Microsoft best practices it is strongly recommended not to increase the size because it will impact the performance of that web application.

Case-I: Maximum upload size for web application is less than the file size:

As discussed just before the default file size of a web application is 250 MB. Increase the file size for the required web application by following the below steps.

Log on to application server with the FARM administrator account.

Click on Manage web application under Web applications in SharePoint Central Admin.

Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage web application.

Request timed Out sharepoint

It will list all the Web Applications in the FARM

Select the web application in which you want to increase the file size and click on General setting from ribbon control.

HTTP 404 – Page Not Found sharepoint

It will show all the General Settings of the web Application like Default Quota Template, Alerts, RSS settings, Recycle Bin settings of web application and Maximum upload size limit

You should be able to see as below by default.

An unknown error occurred sharepoint

Now change it to 2047 MB to support files up to 2GB and click ok

Case II: Increase the connection time-out settings in IIS:

While uploading large files, there are chances that the request will timeout. By default, the IIS connection time-out setting is 120 seconds. Follow these steps to increase the connection time-out setting,

Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Right-click the virtual server that you want to configure, and then click Properties.

Click the Web Site tab. Under Connections, type the number of seconds that you want in the Connection time-out box, and then click OK.

The page cannot be displayed sharepoint
An unexpected error has occurred sharepoint

Case III: Increase the default chunk size for large files:

The large-file-chunk-size property sets the amount of data that can be read from server running SQL Server at one time.

If you have a file that is greater than your chunk size (such as 70 MB when the chunk size is set to 5 MB), the file would be read in 14 chunks (70 / 5).

The chunk size is not related to the maximum upload file size.

The chunk size simply specifies the amount of data that can be read from a file at one time. By default, the large-file-chunk-size property is set to 5 MB.

Check if the ‘large-file-chunk-size’ property is set or not

Stsadm -o getproperty -propertyname large-file-chunk-size

In order to set the large–file–chunk–size property, we need to use the command line. This property is configured for a server or server farm, and cannot be configured for an individual web app server. To set this property, use the following syntax:

Stsadm.exe –o setproperty –pn large–file–chunk–size –pv

More on this command is available at Large-file-chunk-size: Stsadm property (Office SharePoint Server)

After making a change to this property, perform an iisreset/noforce.

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