Unable to SharePoint 2013 workflow logic in SharePoint designer 2013

SharePoint 2013 workflow logic not visible

Recently we faced one issue while trying to see a workflow using SharePoint designer 2013. The workflow is a SharePoint 2013 designer list workflow which we have copied from one server to another server by using visio Export and Import option. Now if I open the workflow and then click on Edit workflow link from the workflow settings page in SharePoint designer, then I got this message in the workflow. It behaves as if no logic is there inside the workflow. The message comes as “(Insert a stage by using the Stage button on the Ribbon.)” as shown in the fig below:

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SharePoint 2013 workflow logic not visible
SharePoint 2013 workflow logic not visible

Some Analysis:
For some users it was coming perfectly. Just to let you know that here we were trying to open SharePoint 2013 designer by using Citrix. First we thought it might be some permission issues and also we have tried opening the workflow in some other systems. But for every one the same message comes.

What Solution We Found:
I am not sure if it really required or not but when we install Visio in the local system and then try to open the workflow using SharePoint designer it opened and we are able to see the logic of the workflow. Another important thing is that if you have used visio 2013 for export import then you need the same version to see the workflow logic.

If anyone ever face this issue and have solution other than installing visio please let me know.

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