unable to activate SharePoint Server Publishing feature site level in SharePoint 2013

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Recently in a migration project we faced one issue while trying to activate SharePoint 2013 publishing feature in a sub site. The error comes as:

Sorry, something went wrong
The feature failed to activate because a list at ‘PublishingImages’ already exists in this site. Delete or rename the list and try activating the feature again.

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Correlation ID: dd9a469d-9e16-a03f-d3a2-794a2716f9d9

Date and Time: 11/30/2015 12:27:29 AM

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The issue basically come for us in MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2013 migrated sites. I got two approaches to solve the issue.

First Approach:
We need to go to the PublishingImages library and rename the document library name to some other from the library settings page.

Then try to activate the publishing feature.

Second Approach:
For few subsites the other approach I have tried is I have activated the Publishing feature by using PowerShell command by using the -Force parameter.

The commnd is like below:

Enable-SPFeature -Identity PublishingWeb -URL https://SiteURL/ -Force

Hope this will be helpful.

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