Power Automate Multilevel Approvals [Digital Purchase Order]

Digital Purchase Order flow using Power Automate

Recently, we have built a digital product using Power Automate where employees can request a product to purchase, and based on the price of the product, it will go through multiple approvals. Once the approval is completed in every step, the employee will get notified about the product status. It will go through below levels … Read more >>>

Create an Anchor link on SharePoint Site Page

Create an anchor link to the SharePoint site page

This SharePoint Online tutorial will show you how to create and use an anchor link on the SharePoint site page. We will also see how to build a site page on the SharePoint site. We recently received a request to create and use an anchor link on a page while working with the SharePoint Site … Read more >>>

Power Apps combo box with Office 365 users

Power Apps combo box with Office 365 users

Would you like to learn how to use Office 365 users in the Power Apps combo box control? If so, this Power Apps guide will assist you in achieving your answer. So, in this Power Apps Tutorial, we’ll go over how to use Office 365 users within the Power Apps Combo control in a number … Read more >>>

SharePoint spaces overview and examples

SharePoint spaces

In this SharePoint tutorial, we will discuss what is SharePoint spaces and how to create SharePoint spaces in SharePoint online. We will also see an example of SharePoint spaces. What is SharePoint spaces SharePoint spaces is a new feature provided by Microsoft and now available in preview on SharePoint Online. This is a web-based, an … Read more >>>

How to sign up for office 365 e5 free trial

sign up for office 365 e5 free trial

In this SharePoint tutorial today, we will discuss how to sign off for an Office 365 enterprise E5 trial. This will be a 30-day trial, where you can get all the features of Office 365 enterprise E5. Office 365 e5 free trial video tutorial I have also created a video on how to sign up … Read more >>>

How to join Microsoft teams meeting anonymously (Guest User)

join microsoft teams meeting anonymously

In this Microsoft Teams tutorial, we will discuss how to join Microsoft Teams meeting anonymously and how to enable anonymous access in Microsoft Teams. Once you enable anonymous access, users can join Microsoft Teams meeting as a guest. Microsoft Provides many new features in Microsoft Teams to secure and flexible to use this app in … Read more >>>