Top SharePoint Workflow and Forms Applications Price Comparison

In my previous article, I had discussed about Infowise ultimate forms as one the best alternative to InfoPath forms. Let us check out the pricing of Infowise Ultimate forms for both SharePoint Online Office 365 as well as for SharePoint on Premise version.

Price for Ultimate Forms on-premise:

Different Versions of Infowise Ultimate forms:
There are 3 versions of the product:
– Standard
– Professional
– Enterprise
The difference between the above versions is the availability of the components. Let me show you in details which component is available in which versions of the product.
Infowise Ultimate Forms Pricing Details
Infowise Ultimate Forms Pricing Details
So based one your business requirements, you can go for the license. Mostly for our client’s Professional edition of the product is enough which we can get in $4199 with annual support.

Infowise Forms On-Premise Price Details:

Infowise provides both servers as well as developer license which is very useful for developing and testing your form. They provide the Kickstart training where you can have a free training up to 1 to 25 participants to use the product. But apart from that, they provide a foundation as well as advanced training at $899.
You can see the full details below:
Infowise Ultimate Forms Pricing Details SharePoint forms
Infowise Ultimate Forms Pricing Details SharePoint forms
The above cost is for one front-end server and all these licenses are not time-limited.
They also have additional plans and volume license, you have to contact them for that information. You can get more information from the official site.

Free Download Infowise Forms Templates:

Another good thing I found is they have a various preconfigured template which frees to use and modify once you buy the product. There is a wide range of templates available. See the fig below:
Infowise Ultimate Forms Pricing Details design SharePoint Forms
Infowise Ultimate Forms Pricing Details design SharePoint Forms

Price for Ultimate Forms Office 365:

In Office 365 below components are available:
– Smart List Pro App
– Smart Action Pro App
– Smart Alert Pro App
– Associated Items Column App
– Connected Lookup Column App
– Smart Print Pro App
– Smart Import Pro App
– Electronic Signature Field
– Event Calendar Plus
– Smart Chart Pro App
– List Search
– Smart ID Pro App
– Color Choice Column App
– User Property Field
– Voting Column App
They have changed the little on the pricing model for info wise ultimate forms for Office 365. The price will be less if you are buying for more users.
If you have around 200 users it will cost you $2.8 per user per month. If you buying for 500 users, it will cost you $1.5 per user per month. If you are buying for 1000 users then it will cost you $1 per user per month. The pricing model looks really flexible now. Check out more on the official Infowise Ultimate Forms site.
Infowise ultimate forms for Office 365 pricing details
Infowise ultimate forms for Office 365 pricing details
All the license customers will get a free kick start training about the product.
Now lets us check about some other products price.

Nintex Forms:

Nintex Forms for Office 365 is also one of the popular alternatives to InfoPath forms. Nintex forms are available for both Office 365 as well as for on-premise versions. By using Nintex forms you can easily design a form by drag and drop and with quick customization options.
I personally feel Nintex is a bit costly and if you are using all the features then it might cost worthy. In the standard edition, Nintex provides 5 workflows and 25 forms for $625. On another hand in Enterprise edition, they Nintex provides 5 workflows and 25 forms with Nintex Hawkeye and Nintex App Studio for $938. They have also planned for unlimited workflows and forms.
If I will compare with Infowise Ultimate forms enterprise version then by giving $4899 I can use all the components as well as there is no limit on lists or libraries neither any limit for sites or site collections.
Nintex does not so open about the pricing, but you can get details by contacting to the vendor directly.


K2 is not also very open about the pricing, on the official website the price has not been given. But the main drawbacks I can see is the price depends on the number of forms you are creating and a number of workflows I am creating. I am sure they must have unlimited plans but there will be a handy price too.


Using formotu’s easy to use form creator, you can quickly and easily create powerful, professional looking forms without any coding experience.
They have 3 different plans:
Basic: $10/month which is good for individual use
Team: $30/month per user, works well for small teams
Enterprise: You can get the price by contacting the team.
One good thing is you can build an unlimited number of forms but again the license is per user based.


There are lots of products available as InfoPath form alternatives with the different licensing model. You can use Infowise Ultimate forms for your form design as well as you can use all the useful actions provided by Infowise.