Tips to reduce SharePoint_Config_Log file size

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In this post, we will discuss how we can reduce SharePoint_Config_Log file size in SharePoint 2010. This is the issue which SharePoint Server administrators face while maintaining their SharePoint farm is while maintenance, the free space of the drive where SQL is stored comes down.

This is because of the SharePoint log file size increasing. This leads to performance issues on those servers.

The “SharePoint_Config_Log” file increases rapidly, due to various operations in different SharePoint sites. As a result, it affects the performance of the SharePoint server which is associated with the SharePoint_Config database.

Steps to Back up the Sharepoint log file:
1. Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 -> SQL Server Management Studio -> Connect to the Configuration database SQL Server

2. Then Select New Query

3. Type the following Query:
BACKUP LOG [Sharepoint2010_Config] TO DISK=’D:\LogBackup.bak’

4. Click Execute.

Steps to Shrink the Sharepoint log file:
1. Clear the query or open another query tab and enter the next command

2. Type the following Query:

DBCC SHRINKFILE (‘SharePoint2010_Config_log’ , 200)

Note: Here I am setting the log file size as 200MB.

3. Click Execute.
Then check your DB size now.

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Hope this will be helpful.

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