Team Leave Request Management Solution with Infowise Ultimate Forms Part-1

From small to large organizations, everyone has leave request system or application inside their SharePoint portal. If you are using SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-premise version, you can create leave request management system which your employees will use.

In a typical leave request application, an Employee applied for a leave request, once applied s/he should be notified as well as manager will automatically receive an email for approving or rejecting user leave request. An employee also gets alert messages about leave request approval status like when leave request approved or rejected. Based on the approval, the status should also be changed to approved/rejected.

This is a two-part article where we can discuss how we can design a team leave request management solution using Infowise ultimate forms in SharePoint online.

Part-1: Team Leave Request Management Solution with Infowise Ultimate Forms Part-1

Part-2: Team Leave Request Management Solution with Infowise Ultimate Forms Part-2

For a leave request, we can use out of box forms which have very minimal design supported, or we can use HTML forms or forms designed using SharePoint solutions which required lots of time and effort. Similarly, for Email notifications we can use SharePoint designer workflows which is a FREE tool requires little development knowledge, effort and time.

Recently I was going through “Infowise Ultimate forms” which is a tool where you can design forms to a rich look as well as you can send notifications without writing any code.

If you are new to Infowise Ultimate forms, go through my previous post how easily we can do things easily in SharePoint online using Infowise Ultimate forms:

I will show you here how we can create this leave request system using Infowise Ultimate forms very easily, without writing a  single line of code or without developing any SharePoint designer workflow in SharePoint online.

Infowise Ultimate forms:

Infowise Ultimate Forms enables you to create powerful SharePoint applications without custom code. It has a complete library form, process and reporting components designed to work together seamlessly to create reliable and easy-to-use solutions.

Create Leave Request List

In my example, I created a list in SharePoint Online site  name as “Team Leave Request” which has below columns:

  • Title
  • Leave Type (choice): Sick and Casual leaves
  • Start Date (Date and Time)
  • End Date (Date and Time)
  • Manager (Person and Group)
  • Status(Choice): Pending, Approved and Rejected

The List looks like below:

Leave Request Form using Infowise Ultimate Forms

Design Leave Request Input Form using Infowise Ultimate Forms

Infowise Ultimate Forms deeply integrated into your SharePoint, you design your forms directly in your browser by simply clicking on Design with Infowise Ultimate Forms button on the List Ribbon. Given necessary permissions, anyone can design forms, from anywhere, no tools required. It works with all SharePoint versions, including free foundation. Ultimate Forms extends your existing SharePoint forms without replacing them.

Here first we will see how we can create a Tab design of the input form, which is not possible in SharePoint out of box forms.

For Design Leave Request Input From, go to List tab click on Design button in Settings section.

create leave request using infowise ultimate forms

Now It will open Infowise Ultimate Form page as shown below. Next Click on “Tabs and tab Permissions” under Configure Layouts and Permissions.

create leave request using infowise UltimateForms

In Tabs section, Enter the name of the tab and click on “Add” Button as shown below.

create leave request using infowise UltimateForm tab

In Tab-Column Association: select columns from Columns in list section and click on the arrow, now columns are added in Columns in tab section. Go down below the Styles tab, Click on Save button.

create leave request using infowise UltimateForm tab columns

Now your Leave Request form design looks like as shown below. For applying styles on the form go to Styles tab, there you can set border color and border style.

create leave request using infowise Ultimate Forms design form

In the 2nd part of the article, I will show you how we can add Alerts and Actions so that People will get notified on leave status. We will see how we can send notifications without using any workflow. Read Part-2: Team Leave Request Management Solution with Infowise Ultimate Forms Part-2.