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Steps to perform visual upgrade of a SharePoint 2010 upgraded site in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell

Here we will discuss how we can perform a Visual upgrade of a SharePoint 2010 upgraded site in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell. Either you can upgrade from a browser or you can do an upgrade from PowerShell.

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After you upgrade a SharePoint 2010 site to SharePoint 2013, the site will be rendered in 2010 mode.

Before upgrading if you want to see the current UI version then you can run the below PowerShell command.

$sc = Get-SPSite http://SiteCollectionURL ; $sc.GetVisualReport() | Format-Table

To Visual Upgrade a site collection run the below command:
$site = Get-SPSite http://SiteCollectionURL

To Visual upgrade at web application level run below PowerShell command:
$webapp = Get-SPWebApplication http://WebApplicationURL
foreach ($s in $webapp.sites)
{$s.VisualUpgradeWebs() }

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