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SQL Recovery Product Review

SQL Recovery Product Review

A computer programming language used for managing data and processing stream in relational database management system is known as Structured Query Language (popularly known as SQL) having .sql extension file. In other words, it is a database file.

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However, these file may be corrupted or damaged due to various reasons and some of them are mentioned below:
(a) Abnormal shut down of computer system
(b) Issues linked with storage size of PCs hardware.
(c) Improper configuration of Input/output
(d) File damaged or infected due to viruses in PCs.

Therefore, there is a need to recover SQL database file without any data loss. One solution for handling such situations is by using third party software named SQL Recovery. In this review page, we will discuss about the same in detail.

SysTools SQL Recovery is an application felicitous for recovering database file of SQL along with tables, functions, views, and related primary keys, Unique keys & all component linked with that file. One of the major features of this software is that it recovers the deleted SQL tables of SQL database file. It supports two types of database files i.e. MDF and NDF files. Tool involves quick as well as advance mode of scanning and recover & export corrupted file into SQL server compatible scripts.

SQL Recovery Product Review
SQL Recovery Product Review

Edition of SQL Recovery:
The SQL Recovery application is available in two editions – Trial Edition and Licensed Edition. Depending upon user’s requirement, end user can experience any of the editions.

– Trial Edition:
The trial/free version of the tool is easily available and can be downloaded from official website. However, there are some limitations related with it and they are:
a) Does not recover and archive data of MDF files.
b) Does not export the recovered data to SQL compatible script

– Licensed Edition:
To use the licensed/purchase/full version of the tool, user will have to buy the software from official website. The version does not provide any limitations and user can endlessly work with the software without any constraints.

Fundamental Features
(1) Provide Two Modes of Scanning: Two modes of scanning i.e. Quick scan and Advance scan are supported by the software. When the file is less corrupted, then users should go for Quick scan else for advance scan.

(2) Effortlessly Recover Primary Key: The application recovers both the table as well as the foreign or primary key related to the file.

(3) Export User Specified Schema: If the tool comprises of user defined schema, then software will recover those data and archive it without any endeavor from users end.

(4) Archive Scanned File: File with any size (no constraint) can be scanned and saved as .str file at the destination location.

(5) Supports All Newer SQL Versions: An attractive feature of the software is that it auto detects the version of the SQL server database files. Moreover, it supports file of any version.

(6) ASCII & Unicode File Supported: Software supports both ASCII as well as UNICODE type of data. Additionally, advance data types such as geography, geometry, hierarchyid data types etc. can be recovered from the SQL database.

Auto detects the version of the SQL server database
Allow end users to archive the scanned file in .str format
Support XML data file along with other advance file type
Also repair a Suspect Database of Microsoft SQL server

At once, only one file can be selected for recovering database files.
Free/trial edition consist of constraints such as MDF file can’t be accessed.

Observational Verdict:
After taking pros and cons of the software in consideration, we can conclude with the fact that SQL Recovery is a recovery tool that repairs the corrupted MDF and NDF database file of SQL. With help of such software, it is now easy for end users to handle the situation where the SQL files are corrupted or damaged due to some reasons. It can be rated as 9.8/10 because the tool have multiple features embedded in it and also it has simple & easy GUI that normal users can easily access them without any technical expert.

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