SharePoint learning resources for beginners or SharePoint 2013 training resources

As a beginner if you want to learn SharePoint then the first question comes to mind is from where I will start learning SharePoint. Lots of professionals also ask me on LinkedIn where I should start? Do you have an article on from where I should start as a beginner? Not only for beginners this article will also helpful for experienced professionals.

How to Start SharePoint without taking any Training?

SharePoint Online Office 365:

Not like old days where you need a server edition hardware or software to install and learn SharePoint and nowadays you just need any of the browsers to learn SharePoint. Microsoft is heavily investing in Office 365 in which SharePoint is a component comes as SharePoint Online. Also, Microsoft is updating or adding new features regularly. As a beginner, you can just sign up office 365 e3 trial and start creating your SharePoint site, list libraries etc. You will get all the features of Office 365 E3 for 30 days.

I have also written lots of SharePoint Online and Office 365 in

SharePoint On Premise:

The latest version released from Microsoft is SharePoint Server 2019. So If you have proper hardware and software then you can install the latest version of SharePoint 2019 or also you can install SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2013 and can start using it. You can download a FREE PDF on SharePoint 2019 installation step by step.

SharePoint 2013 training resources
SharePoint 2013 training resources

Here remember one thing, we will not be able to install SharePoint 2019/2016 or SharePoint 2013 in any client operating system like Windows 7,8 or 10. We need Windows Server edition. You can check SharePoint Server 2016 Hardware and Software Requirements

Apart from out of box features, as a developer, you should start working on a few below things.
– SharePoint Object model: As a developer, this is very much important to get hands-on experience on SharePoint object model, the core SharePoint development. There are two things in the object model: SharePoint server object model and SharePoint Client Object model.

To work with server object model you need an on-premise setup because SharePoint does not support server-side code in an online environment. But as a beginner, you can follow a few SharePoint Server Object model tutorials.

But you can do the full practice of the client object model using a SharePoint online site. You do not need a server installation to start with SharePoint client object model. In the client object model, there are JavaScript Object Model, Rest API and.Net managed client object model.

SharePoint provides a script editor web part which you can use inside a web part page to practice JavaScript Object Model, Angular JS and also Rest API in SharePoint 2013.

To start with.Net managed object model you need to have Visual Studio installed on your laptop or desktop. Microsoft provides a few client site dlls (Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll and Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll) which can be used to start with client-side development. All these things also can be downloaded from NuGet inside visual studio 2015. You can also follow an article on How to create the console application to work with SharePoint Online Office 365 sites?

– SharePoint Apps or Add-in Development: SharePoint add-ins are very useful and you need to learn SharePoint add-in development using visual studio. This you can do using visual studio 2015 and a SharePoint online site. You can check an article to start with: Develop SharePoint Hosted Add-in using Visual Studio 2015 and if are an experienced professional and want to learn about provider hosted add-in, you can check out an article on Steps to create a provider-hosted add-in in SharePoint Online and host in Microsoft Azure.

But if you want to learn how to work with an add-in for the on-premise environment then we need to configure the first on-premise environment for Add-in development for SharePoint 2016. Then you can start with add-in development by following the above article.

– SharePoint Workflow Development: Workflows are integrated part of SharePoint and as a developer, you need to know how you can develop workflow. We can develop a workflow using the browser, SharePoint 2013 designer and Visual Studio 2015. To start SharePoint designer workflow in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016, first, we need to configure workflow manager for SharePoint 2016. You can also check how we can develop workflows using visual studio 2015 as an add-in.

– SharePoint Search: Whether it is SharePoint Online or On-premise, Search is an integral part of SharePoint. You can check out a few SharePoint search customization article, as well as SharePoint object model articles by following SharePoint Search Articles.

– Sharepoint Customization: As a developer, you need to know how SharePoint customization works, how you can customize SharePoint site using the designer or any other tool for your client’s requirement. You can check out: Sharepoint Customization Articles.

SharePoint Videos: SharePoint videos are very much useful for a beginner to start with.
EnjoySharePoint Youtube Videos: provides various videos on Youtube. You can check out SharePoint videos in EnjoySharePoint Youtube channel.

Channel 9: You can get lots of videos in Chanel 9. Chanel 9 contains lots of videos and you can search for lots of videos on SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure also.

SharePoint training from Microsoft: You can also check out a few training episodes from Microsoft.

How to Start SharePoint by taking SharePoint Training?

You can start SharePoint, Office 365 or SharePoint Online by taking a training from SharePoint MVPs from SharePoint experienced professionals or from SharePoint certified trainers. TSInfo Technologies, one of top SharePoint development company India provides SharePoint training.

TSInfo Technologies provides training on below topics from SharePoint MVP and experienced professionals.
SharePoint 2016/2013 training
Office 365 SharePoint Online training
Nintex training

Also, they provide corporate, Online & Classroom training in SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, Office 365, Ninex forms and workflows for Office 365. They provide special SharePoint training for freshers and Job Seekers. You can contact us now on SharePoint training in Bangalore.

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