SharePoint PowerApps Example – Get bank branch details based on State

Here is another SharePoint PowerApps example, we will see how to get bank branch detailed based on a State.

The PowerApps branch details App will appear like below, where the user will select a State from a dropdown list and corresponding branch details will appear.

SharePoint PowerApps Example
PowerApps Example

PowerApps Example – Get bank branch details App

In this app we will discuss how to get bank branch details based on state.

Here, I have created a SharePoint list to store all details of branch details. Below is how the SharePoint list looks like:

image 48
SharePoint List

Lets start the implementation how to achieve this.

Step 1: Log in to your PowerApps site -> Create a canvas app -> Open your new screen where you have to design this page.

Step 2: Next login to the SharePoint Online site and create a SharePoint List called Money Transaction history List with the below column.

  • State Name (lookup from State List)
  • District
  • Branch Name
  • Address
  • IFSC Code
  • MICR Code

Step 3: Next go to the Data Source in PowerApps and connect your SharePoint list with PowerApps.

image 49
PowerApps datasource

Step 4: Next drag and drop a blank Vertical gallery control in your from.

PowerApps gallery control example
PowerApps gallery control

Step 5: In this step, I have added a label with the count, how many items are showing in the gallery control. So here I have already created a collection called SearchUser and I am counting the item based on gallery control items.

Powerapps example with list
If(IsEmpty(SearchUser), "SEARCH", "RESULTS " & "(" & CountRows(GallerySearchUser.AllItems) & ")")

Step 6: Next i have a Textbox where I am entering the state name and we will get the item which is related to those text which we have entered in the TextBox. So we have to set the default property of the Textbox.

powerapps examples sharepoint

Step 7: Next we have to set the formula in Search icon OnSelect property.

powerapps examples step by step
If(Len(TextInputSearchUser.Text) > 0, ClearCollect(SearchUser, TextInputSearchUser.Text), Clear(SearchUser))

Step 8: Next we have to connect the data Source which we have connected recently. So we have to use that list in the item property of gallery control and add the below formula.

image 50
If(!IsEmpty(SearchUser),Sort(Filter('Bank Branches',StartsWith('State Name'.Value,First(SearchUser).Value)),'Branch Name',Ascending))

Step 9: Next add the labels inside the gallery control and set the formula like below.

sharepoint powerapps example

Step 10: Next save the app and enter any text in the Textbox and click on Search icon and see the output.

sharepoint powerapps example

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In this PowerApps tutorial, we learned, how to display bank branch details based on State in a PowerApps. I hope this SharePoint PowerApps example help to you.