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SharePoint performance is down, factors to be considered.

Friends, it would be of a great deal and help if we had an overall description of ‘what has occurred’ during determining the factors of down SharePoint performance. Below I am listing some of the key points which had clicked to my mind.

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1- Is issue present on all content databases and sites in a web application?

– If one site is having issues check the URL for the content database the site resides. – This can help determine if the issue is site-specific or larger.

– If the content database URL has issues then check other Content databases in the same web application.

– If the web application is having issues validate other web applications in the same method.

– Compare web applications from each SQL server, this can help determine if there is a SQL issue.

2- Is the issue present on all WFE’s?

– Test from the WFE’s and from a desktop – This can help locate any issues with Network or Load Balancer

– Check WFE events, ULS, IIS, performance monitor

– Do WFE’s have high CPU?

– Is High CPU on one process/web application

– Capture all processes organized by CPU utilization

– Determine what web application is related to processing as necessary

3- IS SQL performing well?

– Have the correct Teams such as SA and DBA to validate Wintel Server or SQL for any issues.

4- Involvement of all internal teams should be required and record everything for easily sharing and record.

5- When involving Microsoft share all event logs, IIS logs, ULS logs, and performance monitor logs captured with them.

A SharePoint performance troubleshooting guide from Idera would also help you to determine the factors to be considered during troubleshooting down SharePoint performance.

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