SharePoint online visual studio 2015 workflow variable not available in various scopes

This SharePoint workflow tutorial, we will discuss how to solve the visual studio 2015 workflow variables not available in various scopes in SharePoint.

In one of our requirements, we were trying to develop a workflow for SharePoint Online using visual studio 2015.

For that workflow, we have created a few variables which we wanted to use in the various scope of the workflow.

Then we have tried to use the workflow variable in one scope, but when we try to access the variable we could not able to get the variable. The variable was not available.

In the workflow, we can create various sequences which will execute various activities in sequence inside the workflow. While declaring a variable we need to define the scope for the variable, on which sequence it will be available.

In the below example, we have defined one variable as varOwnerEmail and we need to define the scope like below. Then the variable will be available in the particular scope.

visual studio workflow variable not available in various scopes

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This tutorial helps us to know on which scope we should declare variables in visual studio workflow.

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