SharePoint Online Variation – Translation

SharePoint Online variation site is having a copy of a website, source site is variation hierarchy from which all others are copied.

When the source site is publishing, all publishing pages from the Pages library are replicated automatically on the targets and queued for translation and publishing.

Site structure are also replicated as part of the variations process

SharePoint Online Variation (Flow of Variation)

In the root site, can have a set of variation hierarchy. Root site has a hierarchy to manage different languages. After the variation root site has been selected and a variations hierarchy has been created.

The source variation site is the site where all content is available and published, and it is the site from where the content is synced with target variation sites.

SharePoint Online Variation

Hierarchy of Variation

Variations hierarchy is displays all the variation labels created for different languages. it shows relationship between sites and label keywords.It also says which site belongs to specific language.

Variations Create Hierarchies Job Definition: Creates all variation sites, lists and pages from the source variation site. It runs hourly.

Variations Propagate List Items Job Definition: Creates and updates list items on target variation Default, every 15 minutes.

Variations Propagate Page Job Definition: Creates and updates pages on target variation after approved. Runs every 15 minutes.

Variations Propagate Sites and List Job Definition: Implements or executes variation sites and lists when the “Create Everywhere” option is enabled.  The process executes every 30 minutes.

SharePoint Online Variation translation

Advantages of SharePoint Online variation

Below are the advantages of SharePoint Online variation.

  • Up to 50 variation labels are supported in a site collection
  • Automatically different language sites created with all basic structures.
  • Top Menu is translated.
  • Pages library is created and replicated in target sites.
  • Simple content management.

Disadvantage of SharePoint Online variation

  • Beginning September 2018 the Machine Translation Services are being deprecated in SharePoint Online.
  • There is only one-way synchronization between the source language and target languages.
  • The page content is not translated. Need to build custom solutions to translate (or ) Upload pages on different languages on site.
  • Image text translation is not possible.

Pricing and Implementation effort (SharePoint Online Variation)

Site CreationYes
Page CreationYes
Site Language TranslationYes
Page Language Translation No
CostNeed to get Azure Portal subscription and if it exceeds 2M chars per month.
Cost and Development EffortNeed to develop a solution to translate pages content. Using MS Translator Text, Azure Portal Subscription, Azure Cognitive service.
Implementation EffortCreate a page in different languages.

Useful Third Party Tool for SharePoint online

  • PointFire
  • Google Translator

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