SharePoint Online Migration: A blessing to all small and medium organizations

SharePoint Online is a web application software that makes collaboration, communication, and content sharing proficiencies of SharePoint available through cloud. Tools of SharePoint are used by thousands of organizations around the World to share corporate information, publish reports, implement document management and workflows, and accomplish other crucial tasks.

SharePoint Online is a new technology augmented by SharePoint. It is a part of Microsoft Office 365 suite which provides a platform to all small and medium businesses to amplify and outspread the functionality of current “on-premises” SharePoint deployments using cloud-based services.

With the single and integrated location of SharePoint people can easily collaborate with team members and external parties, find organizational resources, search for corporate information, and gather business acuities for enhanced informed decisions. The interactive interface of SharePoint streamlines various tasks such as making portals and collaboration sites, setting up users and establishing permissions, implementing prevailing search tools, and building business process and method workflows. It is a content-centric software whose practices range from intranet, extranet and portal creation to simple document management.

Here are few points that clearly states why SharePoint Online migration is a blessing for a small and medium organizations.

Let’s take a look!

It effortlessly solves everyday concerns:
If you compare it with other on-premises solution, SharePoint Online acts upon all the backup, recovery, tracking server, and auditing server tasks very efficiently. This even lessen your reliance on third-party solutions for these mundane tasks. Once you’ve signed the service-level agreement (SLA), then these uncertainties are Microsoft’s problem, not yours.

It allows you to schedule upgrades as per your own convenience:
The recent upgrade of SharePoint allows its users to receive, customize and schedule updates as per their own suitability. It is truly beneficial during the time of busy schedule when it’s tough to get your mind around managing SharePoint features. Before this upgrade, the schedule was made on the basis of Microsoft and they also had the tendency to throw users off in case of inconvenient timings. Now this problem doesn’t persist anymore as you have a dashboard to carry out these alterations that permits you to schedule or delay platform enhancements as per your own requirements.

It adds flexibility without conceding security:
Even though SharePoint Online is in the cloud, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with security. SharePoint online offers you the choice to keep your enterprise management data behind Virtual Private Network. This alignment will make sure that content could only be retrieved by your company’s network while providing mobility and flexibility to your users, and that too without any authentication infrastructure.

It provides hybrid deployments:
In hybrid cloud environment extremely customized and secure data still remains on on-premises, whereas daily alliance needs to move to the cloud. SharePoint permits you to store personal file shares, personal profiles and network drives in the cloud using OneDrive. Along with this, it also uses SharePoint’s enterprise search to gaze through content in both the on-premises and cloud environments.

It is cost effective:
Every organization wants to bring more collaboration solutions and practicalities to their workforce without affecting the overall cost of the infrastructure. You can manage these costs easily with license-based SharePoint Online. On the basis of provisions you make with your Microsoft representative, you could use reasonable, limited licenses for some roles in your organization to keep expenditures down.

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LepideMigrator for Documents allows you to migrate content from an on-premise solution to a more cloud friendly environment. Its user-friendly interface and easy implementation process makes this tool easy to use and it completely eradicates the difficulty involved in migrating content from different sources.

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