SharePoint content query web part query string filter

This SharePoint tutorial explains, how to use filter in content query web part from query string parameter in SharePoint 2013 Online.

SharePoint content query web part filter query string

Here I have a SharePoint 2013 online list which has one Title column. I want to filter the list data using a content query web part based on the query string parameter.

Here my requirement is, let say in the query string I passed a value ‘sharepoint’, then it should search in the particular list and it should return items which contains keyword ‘sharepoint’ in the Title column.

For this, I have created a SharePoint web part page and then I add a “Content Query” web part from the Content Rollup web part categories.

Then Edit the web part properties and in the Content Query Tool part, select the 3rd radio button which says (Show items from the following list:) and you can browse the particular list. I have selected my test list here.
Then go down and in the Additional Filters section, in Show items when:

  • Select the Title column.
  • Selection the condition as “contains”.
  • Then give your parameter as [PageQueryString:ItemTitle]. Here ItemTitle is the query string parameter key.

Then click on OK. It should look like below:

sharepoint content query web part query string

Now when I browser the URL like below:

It will return the result like below:

sharepoint content query web part filter query string

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