SharePoint Migration: How Pre-Migration Analysis Prevents any Nasty Surprises

Nothing can be more depressing than seeing your efforts go in vain. Migrating your content from one platform to another requires a lot of time and effort, and enduring unsuccessful attempts or multiple errors leads to a serious loss of morale.

Without proper planning, SharePoint migration can become a daunting task. Therefore, it’s always better to know about the problems and incompatibilities that may arise during migration.

To analyze the errors prior to migration it’s important to run a pre-migration check so as to determine all the potential problems and errors that may emerge during migration. Pre-migration analysis will help you to take better control of your SharePoint migration challenges.

However, there is no native method with which you can easily analyze your content without any hassle, therefore to save time and resources the LepideMigrator for Documents pre-migration feature comes to the rescue.

The pre-migration analysis feature offered by LepideMigrator for Documents is an intelligent feature that analyzes all your data before migrating it from File Server or Public Folder to the SharePoint Server. This tool performs various functions such as:

  • Validating name and types of files or folders to be uploaded
  • Validating invalid characters and end strings in the content names
  • Validating blocked file extensions
  • Validating file size and mail size extensions
  • Why Pre-migration Analysis?

With pre-migration analysis one can easily save time by eliminating all the errors prior to migration. The pre-migration analysis feature provides valuable insights about fixing the migration issues before starting real migration.

Besides this, it also helps in determining what SharePoint will support and what it will not, and what the restrictions are that one may face during content upload.

Pre-Migration Analysis in LepideMigrator for Documents

Here is a sneak peak of the pre-migration analysis process:

Open the migration analyzer from the menu and select the desired file or folder for which you want to run the migration check.

Add the required content that you want to analyze (file, folder, remote file, and remote folder).

Select the type of analysis that needs to be done, either detailed report or Summary report only.

Select the criteria for migration analysis.

sharepoint pre migration checklist

After setting the criteria, click the next button. It will display the summary for the selected files and folders, target SharePoint Site, and the type of report selected.

Then, click next and it will start performing the analysis. After this, save the report in the desired format.

Once the report is saved, you’ll receive the following message box.

sharepoint 2013 to sharepoint online migration checklist

Click the open button to open the file in Microsoft Excel.

Here is a screenshot of a sample report.

sharepoint on premise to online migration checklist

This report clearly shows the number of files or folders that will be uploaded successfully, the number of files or folders that may fail if lacking the proper adjustments, and the number of files or folders that won’t get uploaded at all.

Smooth migration is now possible!

It’s always advisable to run a pre-migration analysis prior to the actual migration. During pre-check, you will see mistakes, and sometimes warnings that you can’t even imagine during your migration preparation. Therefore, pre-migration analysis plays a vital role in helping LepideMigrator for Documents with smooth and safe migration.

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To take a demo analysis, download the trial version and run a pre-migration analysis check.

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