SharePoint Interview Questions

In this post, I have noted a few important SharePoint interview questions and also provided links to answers to these questions. Below are a few SharePoint Interview Questions:

SharePoint Administration Questions

SharePoint Web Part Interview Questions

  • What is the different type of assembly in What is a satellite assembly?
  • What is the difference between the visual web part and the web part in SharePoint?
  • How many methods do we override for creating the web part using a visual web part?
  • What are the types of web parts and the differences between them?
  • What is the cross page connection? How can you do cross-page connections using the web part?
  • What are the type base classes of the web part?
  • Different between the SharePoint web part and 2.0 web part?
  • What is the web part life cycle in SharePoint?
  • Which is the best method to initialize the child control of the web part?
  • How to create the custom properties of the web part?
  • What is the use of personalization and asynchronous in the web part?

SharePoint 2013 Apps interview questions

SharePoint Event handler Interview Questions

  • What is the event handler? Which event do we use for delete items prevent an event handler?
  • What is the base class for the event handler?
  • How many types of event handlers in SharePoint?
  • Which event handler class not inherited from EventHandlerBase();

SharePoint foundation 2010 interview questions

  • What is the difference between Foundation and server and enterprise SharePoint?

SharePoint Site collection, Site, and Permissions interview questions?

  • If we have 5 items in a document, now I want to show only 3 items to a user. So how will I give permission to the user?
  • What is the difference between site collection and subsite? Why we need subsite and site collection?
  • How we create a site for multiple languages?

SharePoint List and document libraries interview questions?

  • How many items do we store in a list?
  • Different between library and document?

Sql Server interview questions

  • What is the DDL command in SQL server?
  • What is the cursor give some examples?
  • What is a trigger and give some examples?
  • What is the procedure give some examples?
  • How many types of the trigger is there in SQL server 2008R2?
  • How to fetch a third-highest salary of an employee from the employee list?
  • Different between the cursor and stored procedure?
  • How to configure foreign key relationships between two different database’s table? interview questions

  • How many session management available in
  • What is state management in
  • What is the difference between application and session state?
  • What is the difference between server.transfer and response.redirect?
  • What is a custom validator?

Content Type interview questions

  • What is the content type in SharePoint?
  • What are the different types of content types?
  • Web Service Call
  • What is a web service call?
  • Who do you do web service calls using SharePoint designer and visual studio?
  • What is SSS in the web services call?
  • What is a strong name?
  • Who to generate a strong name?
  • Who to register assembly name .aspx page?

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This tutorial, we learned few SharePoint interview questions which will be helpful to SharePoint developers and SharePoint administrators.

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