SharePoint 2013 Image was not appearing in IE but appearing in Chrome and Firefox

This SharePoint tutorial, we will discuss, how to fix the image issue in SharePoint 2013. Recently in one of the SharePoint 2013 site, one image was appearing correctly in Google Chrome and Firefox browser but it was not appearing in Internet Explorer.

When I open in IE browser, it was coming like below:

Image was not appearing in IE SharePoint 2013

When I checked the image path it was correct and the image was also there in the document library. I also downloaded the same image and try uploading again and but still, it did not appear in the IE browser.

Then I try to save the image from Firefox it gave the image name something like mytestimage.jpg.bmp like this. So might be the image was corrupted.

Then I edit the image in MSPaint and save the image in jpg format and then uploaded this image to the document library.

Now it appears in all the browsers correctly.

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Here, we learned how to fix the image issue in IE browser in SharePoint 2013.