Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint for your Business

It’s been a while now; we have Microsoft SharePoint with us becoming one of the most powerful and top-class collaboration platform for enterprises of modern times. Due to its exceptional collaborative feature, the business organization is progressively choosing SharePoint as its core collaborative platform to enhance their organizational productivity, communication, and consistency. Microsoft SharePoint has been playing an excellent role in empowering business organization of all sizes by facilitating them with;

  • Quick and efficient files, data and resources sharing and management.
  • Quick search, findability, and distribution of information and knowledge.
  • Easy access to various business process applications.
  • Seamless collaboration and enhanced teamwork.
Microsoft SharePoint for your Business

SharePoint Online and On-Premise both are remarkably capable of performing as a Document Management System and Intranet while meeting all the advanced collaboration needs of a modern workplace and mobile workforce.

An enterprise can take advantage of a wide assortment of benefits that SharePoint offers; including its ability to create efficient business process management solutions while playing an incredible role in maintaining efficient data flow throughout the organization.

A great thing about SharePoint is that if your business is using Office 365, then your business already has access to all these powerful features of SharePoint. All you now need is to deploy it to your business processes. However, you must join hands with an expert partner for SharePoint Development Services.

Microsoft has recently announced the new and improved features with the latest SharePoint 2019 release, but that’s an entirely different story. First, you need to understand the existing benefits and existing capabilities that SharePoint upholds.

Offers A Consistent, Simple & Familiar Experience

SharePoint is strongly integrated with common, typical user desktop applications, web-browsers and e-mail to provide a consistent yet simple user experience that simplifies the way people interact with business data, processes, and content. This close integration along with robust, innovative functionality enables your business to implement services themselves while facilitating product adoption.

Helpful in Regulatory Compliance

With specified and well-defined storage policies, security settings, expiration action and auditing policies for business records in line with the regulatory compliance, you can ensure that your sensitive business information is well-managed and controlled effectively. Whereas, your litigation risks are can also be reduced.

Simplified Business Data Accessibility

SharePoint gives your business users quick and easy access to your business data that is found in line with the common business systems such as Microsoft CRM. Users are also empowered to create personalized interaction and views with business systems simply by using a browser and dragging the back-end configurable connections. The Enterprise-Level Managed Repositories also help your organization to organize and store business documents at one centralized location.

Provides Effective Repurposing & Management of Content

Content author and business users can submit and create for scheduled deployment and approval to the internet and intranet sites. Management of multilingual content is also simplified through document templates available at the document library, that are explicitly designed to maintain a relationship between translated and original versions of a document.

Simplified Routine Activities for Business

Exploit the benefits of unique workflows for tracking, initiating and reporting everyday business activities, for example, document approval and reviews, signature collection and issue tracking, etc. And above all, these activities can be completed without any coding. Constricted integration with familiar user applications, web browsers, and e-mail provides a consistent and simple experience.

Increased Connectivity of Employees with Skills, Expertise & Information

Along with the information about people, web-pages, and document, the Enterprise level search also incorporates business data to produce relevant, and comprehensives result. Features like spelling correction, duplicate collapsing improvises the overall result relevance, so that the user quickly finds what he is looking for.

Boosts Share Business Processes

You can use any electronic, smart, form-driven solution for collection critical business, customer or supplier information without coding any customized application, instead simply using a web-browser with SharePoint. The built-in rules for validation facilitate you to father consistent and accurate data that can be integrated directly to the back-end system in order to avoid any errors or redundancy, which results from manual re-entry of the data.

Enable Employees to Make Insightful & Informed Decision Making

With SharePoint, it is easier to create interactive, live BI (business intelligence) portals that display and assemble critical business information from disparate data sources while using its integrated BI capabilities such as web parts, dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), scorecards and other connectivity technologies used for business data. The Centralized Report Center also gives its users a significant place to locate and share their KPIs, spreadsheets and latest reports.

No Exposing of Sensitive Information While Sharing

By using Excel Services running on the SharePoint, you can give your employee access to interactive, real-time Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets while using a web browser. These spreadsheets can be used to efficiently maintain and share up-to-date, latest versions while protecting any proprietary information that is embedded in corporate documents such as the financial details, etc.

One Integrated Platform for Multiple Needs

Being a scalable architecture and an open-source along with the support for interoperability standards and web services including Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and XML, SharePoint is very rich in terms of services, application programming interfaces (APIs) and event handlers for document and lists. These features offer tight integration and flexibility with the existing system to incorporate new investments in IT that are not from Microsoft.