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At present days SharePoint platform for collaboration, Exchange email and Lync communication became well-known, widely used and familiar to customers.

Companies have already had a great ability to appreciate and evaluate these services, make use of them and increase their productivity. It is not new that with SharePoint 2010 customers receive a platform for effective business process and collaboration which is compliant and reliable and has rich functionality. With Exchange 2010 email they get the ability to communicate effectively and share of documents, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes. With Lync 2010 customers communicate with each other at a new level.

All these services can be closely integrated between each other and in a combination they provide a new high level of business work, collaboration and communication. Well, it is not a problem to get these services and start using it. But subscribing them separately has some disadvantages. Company need to spent time to find reliable companies, and not all hosting companies and providers deliver SharePoint, Exchange and Lync at the same time. As a result customers need to find appropriate solutions, providers, contact them and decide whether their packages meet business need and the price is adequate. It is a pane in the neck and takes time.

What is more, the total price for using SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010 and Lync 2010 separately may become high. The companies like PlexHosted provide the best solution for it with Integrated Business Plans. By subscribing an appropriate business plan customers can achieve the great opportunity to appreciate all the benefits of Integrated Microsoft Exchange email, SharePoint 2010 platform and Lync 2010 secure instant messaging without browsing internet and wasting time.

Moreover, such packages have rather low cost and help customers to save money. Of course customer`s company may be not sure about using these services. For this case a reliable hosting provider usually offers 30 days trial for integrated plan packages. Additionally these packages may be flexible according to companies business needs.

Integrated Business plans is a solution which saves time, costs and nerves of the customers and helps to get the best services for business process.

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